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Stylish gothic best conveys the atmosphere of tension in the music of different genres, which is why the Three Days Grace logo is executed in a vintage design. Exquisite lines form a unique atmosphere of visual identity, where the beginning harmoniously transitions into the end, symbolizing the endless rebirth of emotions.

Three Days Grace: Brand overview

Founded:1997 – present
Founder:Neil Sanderson, Brad Walst, Barry Stock, Matt Walst
Norwood, Ontario, Canada
Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band that plays music in rock-metal, post-grunge, nu-metal, alternative rock, and hard rock styles. It was founded in 1992 in Norwood, Ontario. It occupies the top lines of many charts, being a significant phenomenon in contemporary musical life. It has several acclaimed studio albums and one platinum disc.

Meaning and History

Three Days Grace Logo History

Initially, the band was called Groundswell, but then changed its name to Three Days Grace in 1997. The debut logo appeared on the cover of their first album. Before this, the band was expanding its repertoire and participating in live concerts.

What is Three Days Grace?

It is a rock band from Canada that plays music in the post-grunge and alternative metal genres. It has been around since 1992 and was originally founded in Norwood under the name Groundswell. The group received its current name in 1997.

2003 – 2006

Three Days Grace Logo 2003-2006

The official emblem appeared along with the new name of the music group. It was creatively played on the self-titled album, so it quickly became the band’s legendary label, easily recognizable. The phrase “Three Days Grace” is executed in a stylized font with angular uppercase letters. Although written in one line, the words are unevenly placed and vary in height – the color is white with a dark outline.

The textual part of the logo is placed on a background of a small circle with a black frame and three short vertical lines in the middle. They look as if they are scratches from a predator’s claws or traces left by a person lost in time who does not want to lose count of the days.

2006 – 2018

Three Days Grace Logo 2006-2018

In 2006, with the release of the new album “One-X,” the band’s star logo was changed. All attention is focused on the inscription: it is executed in a gothic font with thin, intricate strokes. The letters “T,” “D,” and “G” are uppercase, and the rest of the letters are lowercase. They are written in a serif font reminiscent of the commercial Crewekerne Magna Expanded Bold. The bottom of the characters is pointed and resembles miniature needles or spikes.

The style of the emblem is close to romantic and magical. This is related to the content of the new musical compositions included in the album by Adam Gontier. It was very significant for the group’s guitarist that they were written in a rehabilitation center where he was undergoing treatment for drug addiction. The name’s color is white, and the background is black, which is also very symbolic.

2018 – today

Three Days Grace Logo 2018-present

A revised version of the previous logo was released: it looks like the complete opposite of its predecessor. Black and white have switched places – now, all the letters are dark and positioned on a light background. The thin swirls disappeared – only the Gothic font with clear, ornate inscriptions remained.

Three Days Grace: Interesting Facts

Three Days Grace, a rock band from Norwood, Ontario, started making music together in 1997. Before they became famous, they were known as “Groundswell” during their high school days. The band’s music, which includes a mix of post-grunge and alternative metal, has made them quite popular since the early 2000s.

  1. How They Started: After disbanding their first band, Groundswell, they came together as Three Days Grace in 1997. The band members were Adam Gontier, Brad Walst, and Neil Sanderson; later, Barry Stock joined them.
  2. Big Hit: Their song “I Hate Everything About You” became super popular in 2003, helping their first album succeed.
  3. Change in Singers: Adam Gontier left the band in 2013, and Matt Walst, Brad’s brother, was the lead singer.
  4. Rocking the Charts: They’ve had more number 1 singles on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart than any other band, showing they’re a big deal in rock music.
  5. What Their Songs Are About: Their music often talks about tough times and getting through them, which many fans find relatable.
  6. Albums People Love: Albums like “One-X,” “Life Starts Now,” and “Human” have done well, with “One-X” even going triple Platinum.
  7. Awards: They’ve won several awards, including the Juno Awards in Canada, which shows their talent.
  8. Touring: Known for their energetic concerts, they’ve traveled worldwide to play their music.
  9. Musical Inspirations: They’ve been influenced by several different bands, including Nirvana and Metallica, which has helped shape their sound.

Since its early days, Three Days Grace’s music has touched many people, and they have become rock stars worldwide. They make music fans love, proving they’re still at the top of their game in the rock world.

Font and Colors

Three Days Grace Emblem

The three serifs used in the original version of the brand name are a nod to the tradition of heavy metal, which originated at the dawn of the search for an individual direction. They appeared at the light hand of Adam Gontier and expressed the idea of the transience of time. The tri-bar is the remaining three days, during which one must radically change their entire life.

Three Days Grace Symbol

Three Days Grace color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What is the significance of the name Three Days Grace?

The name is associated with a sense of urgency. Under this term, the musicians implied the philosophical question: can someone change something in their life if they only have three days for the change? The band was renamed in 1997.

What font is the Three Days Grace logo in?

The Three Days Grace logo is executed in a gothic font reminiscent of Crewekerne Magna Expanded Bold. It is designed in a mystical style and contains Old English letters with pointed ends at the base of the legs. The upper part is adorned with vignettes.

Has Three Days Grace been canceled?

No, the band Three Days Grace has not been canceled. It still exists with four musicians: Barry Stock, Neil Sanderson, Matt Walst, and Brad Walst. However, as of 2021, it has not planned any tours.

Is Three Days Grace preparing a new album?

Members of Three Days Grace regularly release one album every three years. In 2021, another period of publishing a new music collection will begin. It may be prolonged, as some songs are still in the writing stage.