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In 2016, the design studio Syndicate Sub Rosa created the Tiger Woods logo, which became the first symbol of his new company TGR. Interestingly, the emblem has many hidden meanings. The three triangles can be stripes on a tiger’s skin, sharp fangs, the imprint of a clawed paw, an abstract forest, or the basis for the letter “W.”

Tiger Woods: Brand overview

Founder:Eldrick Tont Woods
Jupiter, Florida, United States
The famous golfer registered the trademark under the name Tiger Woods in 1996 when he turned 20 years old. By that time, he had already become a professional player but had not yet become famous enough to increase the TV audience by 30-50% just by his presence at a tournament, as happened in the early 2000s. Now Tiger Woods continues to glorify his name, but his activities go beyond sports. He created the TGR company, which combines several business directions – from designing golf courses worldwide to managing a restaurant in Florida.

Meaning and History

Tiger Woods Logo History

Eldrick Tont Woods, nicknamed Tiger, was born in 1975 and, at the age of 20, became a professional golfer, signing a contract with Nike. This happened in 1996 – the same year the athlete registered the Tiger Woods trademark and founded his charitable foundation to help children. Ten years later, he expanded his business and began designing golf courses, and nine years after that, he opened a restaurant with a sports bar. For many years, the golfer used a simple monogram symbol made up of the letters “T” and “W.”

Everything changed in 2016 – after Eldrick decided to combine different business directions under one TGR brand. He did this because his sports career turned out to be not as profitable as his entrepreneurial activities. Tiger Woods spent almost two years developing TGR, enlisting the help of a team that included employees of the design studio Syndicate Sub Rosa. The specialists created a completely new logo made up of three triangles associated with both a tiger and a forest. This symbol is used by all divisions of the umbrella corporation, including the charity foundation and golf course design firm.

What is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is a professional golfer who is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world and one of the three billionaire athletes. However, golf winnings make up only 10% of his earnings, and most of the money was received from advertising contracts with companies such as Nike, Rolex, and Gatorade. He used his popularity and wealth to run a profitable business. He now owns multiple enterprises united under the TGR brand.

Before 2016

Tiger Woods Logo before 2016

At the beginning of his sports career, Eldrick Tont Woods signed a very lucrative contract with Nike. Over time, the athlete had his own logo because the sports clothing and footwear manufacturer tried to limit the use of the Swoosh whenever possible. The fact is that the Nike emblem had become ubiquitous and could tire the audience. Therefore, the company started developing individual symbols for its star representatives. Thus, Michael Jordan got a logo in the form of a jumping man, and Tiger Woods got a monogram made up of the letters “T” and “W.”

The logo with the golfer’s initials resembled a pennant split at the end. The “W” below looked like a stylized trident or an inverted “M” with a long vertical stripe in the middle. The central line stretched upwards and ended with a rectangle, forming the letter “T” together with it. The monogram itself was white, but it was surrounded by a wide black outline, which made the emblem seem dark.

2016 – today

Tiger Woods Logo

Tiger Woods worked on an umbrella brand for two years to unite different business directions under it. As a result, in 2016, the TGR corporation emerged, marking a new era in the athlete’s career. The logo, created in collaboration with Syndicate Sub Rosa, was presented on October 17th. Designers tried to link the visual identity with the qualities that allow a golfer to achieve success. These are determination, accuracy, and adaptability.

The TGR emblem meets the listed requirements, as it has a clear geometry. All three triangles look the same and consist of straight lines. Their thin vertices aim upwards, adding dynamics to the pattern. The universal symbol is suitable for all of Tiger Woods’ business directions and is not limited to the theme of sports. In the full version of the logo, there are inscriptions at the bottom, divided into two lines: “TGR” and “TIGER WOODS VENTURES.”

According to the star golfer, everyone sees in the emblem what they want, as this demonstrates individual thinking. The three triangles simultaneously resemble the claws, teeth, and stripes of a tiger. The negative space between them resembles the capital letter “W.” Also, the logo may depict an abstract forest – a reference to the athlete’s last name.

Font and Colors

Tiger Woods Emblem

Tiger Woods never focused on the inscriptions that complement the triangle symbol. They are not too noticeable because a standard sans-serif font is used for them. The abbreviation “TGR” is executed in a bold grotesque, similar to Averta Standard Bold by Kostas Bartsokas and the phrase “TIGER WOODS VENTURES” – in a typeface close to Averta Standard Thin. The logo’s color palette is straightforward: both the letters and the triangles are presented in dark blue.

Tiger Woods Symbol

Tiger Woods color codes

Dark Byzantine BlueHex color:#162036
RGB:22 32 54
CMYK:59 41 0 79
Pantone:PMS 289 C