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The Too Faced logo is delicate, elegant, and calligraphic. The symbols exude harmony and beauty, which is entirely in line with the brand’s direction. The brand’s products help to reveal and emphasize the beauty in every woman.

Too Faced: Brand overview

Founder:Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson
Irvine, California, U.S.

Too Faced is an American brand and online store for natural cosmetics, founded by the gay couple Blandino-Johnson in 1998. The brand was the first to offer glittery eyeshadows and scented eyeshadows. It is represented in 25 countries and has been owned by Estee Lauder since 2016.

Meaning and History

Too Faced Logo History

The brand’s logo has remained constant and unchanged over the last 25 years. The emblem conveys the main qualities of cosmetics: decorativeness, ease of application, and brightness. The handwriting style encodes information about the uniqueness of each person and the special individuality of its creators, who put their souls into every product. The symbol transmits the brand’s main message: discover your facets and be yourself.

What is Too Faced?

A cosmetic brand that brought playfulness and bright shades to the world of makeup. It is famous for its unusual eyeshadow palettes and passion for experimentation. Under the brand, bestsellers such as Better Than Sex, Shadow Insurance, Chocolate Bar, and Sweet Peach are released.

1998 – today

The brand’s logo consists of the name written in cursive. The couple embedded a deep meaning in the company’s name.

Initially, the main goal was to create very bright, unique, unusual cosmetics that would stand out among others. Experimentation and original developments were at the core of creativity. Therefore, the brand’s name signifies expression, superiority, and exaggeration to show that the cosmetics are too good. And the face looks very attractive after using it.

The name touches on the theme of duplicity but without a negative connotation. The brand offers a variety of products to create different looks so that a woman can express all facets of her personality.

The brand’s name also has its history. Jerrod Blandino worked as a consultant in a cosmetics store and was passionate about mixing different types of cosmetics and obtaining new shades and textures. Female customers liked his creativity. They approached him specifically to get a unique option.

Upon learning about this practice, the store owners forbade Jerrod from “ruining their cosmetics.” This outraged Blandino’s customers. Scandals arose. Jerrod Blandino affectionately called these scandalous customers Too Faced. In the end, they contributed to the realization that it was time to create their brand. A reminder of how it all began is also embedded in the brand’s logo.

Font and Colors

The emblem is written in black as if done with eyeliner. The shade perfectly highlights the main features while diverting attention from secondary details. It hints at brushes, mascara, eyeliner, and other components involved in creating a look.

The font is similar to Ballantines Serial Heavy but does not have an exact match. The writing style is harmonious and pleasant, with smooth, beautiful swirls and loops. It demonstrates that the brand’s cosmetics apply well, have a pleasant texture, and transform the face after use.

The cursive writing was chosen because each person’s handwriting is individual, and the brand’s mission is to emphasize a woman’s personality. The technique also hints at the unique history of product creation. All developments were inspired by specific events or people, giving the product lines a distinctive “face.” Moreover, their foundation included unusual combinations like fragrant glittery eyeshadows, liquid glosses, etc.

Too Faced color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C