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The Tork logo is soft and pleasant. I want to touch him and feel tenderness. The emblem conveys the properties of the products that the company produces. The sign shows the convenience, pleasant volume, and quality of materials for household hygiene products.

Tork: Brand overview

Founded: 1968
Founder: SCA
Sundsvall, Sweden
Tork is a Swedish brand previously owned by Essity. Since 2017 (after the division of the business), it passed to the SCA corporation. Now he is engaged in the development and production of paper towels, home perfumery (air fresheners), liquid soap, napkins, cleaning materials, toilet paper. The headquarters of the parent company is located in Sundsvall (Sweden).

Meaning and History

Tork Symbol

Regardless of who the line of hygiene accessories is assigned to, it has an individual logo. The personal mark appeared along with the debut of the brand and has since been used on all types of goods.

The logo consists of two wavy elements. The brand name is written on the wide blue stripe. The letters, on the other hand, are straight, austere, and angular, with the exception of the “O”. At the top is another line in the form of a blue wave – narrow and pointed at the ends on both sides. It follows the contours of a wide strip.

What is Tork?

Tork is a Swedish hygiene product brand that primarily offers disposable towels, toilet paper, napkins, and dispensers for them. It belongs to the Essity company, which was previously part of the SCA group. Its headquarters are located in Stockholm.

Font and Colors

Tork Emblem

The font with the word “Tork” written is smooth. All letters are in upper case and have a geometrically correct structure. They are executed in a classic grotesque with thickened lines. The color palette includes white (brand name) and dark blue (wavy elements).

Tork color codes

Dark Blue Hex color: #002c69
RGB: 0 44 105
CMYK: 100 58 0 59
Pantone: PMS 288 C