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Fountain Hills logo encapsulates the striking visual of a 170-meter-high fountain, surrounded by an original structure and set against a scenic backdrop. The fountain is depicted with three jets: one blue jet shooting upwards and two gray ones directed downwards. The background showcases mountains and a rising sun, all painted in blue, yellow, purple, silver, and white hues. Long, tapering lines of different lengths represent the water’s surface, and the brand name, set in grotesque, is placed at the bottom.

The emblem is a dynamic representation of what Fountain Hills is renowned for—the towering fountain. The selection of colors is not random; each shade holds meaning. Blue signifies the water, one of the region’s essential elements, and stands for tranquility and depth. The gray jets, contrastingly, might be interpreted as the grounding force, which balances the lofty ambitions symbolized by the ascending blue jet.

The emblem also includes elements that describe the geographical features surrounding the area. Mountains and the sun in the backdrop aren’t merely ornamental; they signify the natural elements that make the location unique. The rising sun likely represents a new beginning or perpetual renewal—qualities often attributed to the locality.

At a glance, the logo also evokes the diversity of experiences available in Fountain Hills. The three jets of water, different yet part of a single structure, could symbolize community diversity or the range of activities available, from leisurely strolls to engaging in water sports or outdoor adventures.

The long tapering lines, portraying the water surface, provide a sense of movement and energy. They are dynamic, like the community they represent, filled with events, activities, and a vibe that keeps visitors engaged. The lines could also signify ripples, a metaphor for the influence and reach that the area has, extending beyond its immediate geographical boundaries.

The emblem’s colors make it strikingly vivid. The blend of blue, yellow, purple, silver, and white works harmoniously to capture attention, just like the real-life fountain that can’t be missed. Every element, from the typography in grotesque to the color palette, is purposefully chosen to mirror the brand’s characteristics: dynamic, engaging, and deeply rooted in its unique geography.

By piecing together various elements—water, natural scenery, color, and design—the logo represents and embodies what the brand is all about. It encapsulates various meanings, from geographic to symbolic, making it more than a decorative piece. It’s a visual narrative articulating everything that Fountain Hills stands for.

Town of Fountain Hills: Brand overview


In 1970, McCulloch Properties, now known as MCO Properties, laid the groundwork for what would later become the Town of Fountain Hills, transforming a former cattle ranch into a planned residential hub. The town’s hallmark feature, a towering fountain that sprays water as high as 560 feet, was also built the same year to serve as the focal point of the community. The formal establishment of Fountain Hills as an incorporated town followed in 1989, and its population has since expanded from an initial 6,000 to more than 22,000 residents.

Located northeast of Phoenix, the town is between the McDowell Mountains and the Verde River Valley. The remarkable fountain, which has become a defining symbol of the town, operates from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., sending forth its jet of water for 15 minutes at the beginning of each hour.

Fountain Hills is not just known for its iconic fountain but also its bustling calendar of events and festivals, attracting a large number of visitors each year. In addition to a vibrant arts scene, the town offers extensive hiking trails and multiple top-notch golf courses, making it a haven for those who enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle. If you trace the region’s history, it was originally home to Native Americans such as the Hohokam and Yavapai tribes.

Since its beginnings as a carefully designed residential area with a landmark fountain at its heart, Fountain Hills has evolved into a bustling town celebrated for its natural attractions, extensive amenities, and active way of life.

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