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Trimble’s logo catches the eye and hints at the theme of satellites, flights over the Earth, surface imaging, and orientation. The emblem is a model of technological advancement and modernity. The symbol represents high-precision equipment for terrain study.

Trimble: Brand overview

Founded:November 1978
Founder:Charles Trimble, et al.
Westminster, Colorado, U.S.

In November 1978, Charles Trimble and a couple of collaborators from Hewlett-Packard established a company initially located in a space above a cinema in Los Altos, California. Initially, the firm set its sights on exploiting GPS technology for innovative solutions. The market saw its debut GPS device in 1982, and two years later, the company secured its inaugural patent, setting the stage for accelerated growth.

As the 1990s rolled around, Trimble became a dominant player in the commercial GPS arena. Their decision to go public in 1990 was followed by consistent revenue growth throughout that decade. With time, the company diversified its technological offerings and ventured into new markets, leveraging various technologies ranging from GPS to lasers, optics, and specialized software solutions.

Today, headquartered in Colorado, Trimble is a recognized global authority in positioning technologies. Its application areas span multiple industries, including construction, agriculture, and transportation. The firm’s workforce has swelled to over 10,000 employees scattered across the globe. Continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, Trimble focuses on enhancing operational efficiencies for its clients by integrating connectivity, automation, and data analytics into its product line-up.

Meaning and History

Trimble Logo History

The company was founded in 1978, and its first logo appeared around the same time—each symbol and detail of the emblem points to the company’s area of focus. The logo encapsulates a piece of history and the personality of the person who founded the enterprise. A rebranding occurred only once to reflect progress in the field of geodesy, instruments, and technologies used for measurements.

What is Trimble?

An American company specializing in location-based systems. It offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including software, devices, navigation systems, and wireless communication. The company’s innovations are useful in construction, agriculture, maritime navigation, mining, and map-making.


Trimble Old Logo

The old logo features a black square with rounded corners, symbolizing a map, a plot of land, or the night sky.

Antique instruments for measurements and location determination are atop the background— a level and a theodolite. Elements such as an optical tube, a screw, and a tripod can be discerned. Upon looking at the figure, it appears like a person is holding a telescope.

The composition provides insight into the company’s focus and operations.

The company’s name, Trimble Navigation, follows the design in varied font weights. Named after its founder, Charlie Trimble, the word “Trimble” is displayed in a bold, slightly slanted font to the right. Stronger glyphs emphasize that it’s a brand name, while the word “Navigation” is much thinner and relates more to the type of work the company does.

The black and white tones of the logo point to calculations and blueprints.


Trimble Logo

In 2016, the company changed its name to Trimble Inc. A new logo soon followed, aligning with the updated name.

The emblem shows a schematic representation of the Earth, made up of parallels and meridians. Overlaid on this drawing is a triangle acting as a magnifying glass. When the triangle is placed over it, the lines of the globe become bright and visible.

This design conveys the idea of location determination. It highlights the company’s growth in 3D modeling and claims ownership of BIM products like SketchUp, Tekla, and Vico Office.

The triangle symbolizes inventiveness and originality. It aligns with laying a grid over a terrain to determine elevations and depressions. This shape represents the company’s global mission—transforming the world and integrating technologies into planetary life.

Following the design is the new company name—Trimble Inc.

Font and Colors

The logo’s blue color connects with technology and indicates the manufacturer’s technical excellence: modern navigation systems, software, etc. The color also speaks to the blue sky, seas, and oceans. The company’s products are essential in maritime navigation and hydrography. Instruments assist in orientation by satellites and stars.

The font matches Franklin Gothic SH Regular Condensed. Straight, even characters serve as directional markers, landmarks on the terrain. Each letter in the inscription signifies a stable position in space provided by Trimble Inc. products.

Trimble color codes

Lapis LazuliHex color:#015a9d
RGB:1 90 157
CMYK:99 43 0 38
Pantone:PMS 2945 C