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TUI fly: Brand overview

German travel airline TUI fly Deutschland, part of the renowned TUI Group, has left an indelible mark on the travel industry by offering travelers convenient and hassle-free travel experiences.

In 2007, TUI Group strategically merged its two German subsidiary airlines, Hapag Lloyd Flug and Hapag Lloyd Express, to form TUI fly Deutschland.

Since its inception, TUI fly Deutschland has experienced significant growth. Initially focused on popular European vacation destinations, the airline has expanded its fleet and flight routes, offering access to sought-after vacation destinations around the world. From the sunny beaches of the Canary Islands to the idyllic islands of Mallorca and Greece, TUI fly Deutschland has become the preferred choice for leisure travelers.

Thanks to its partnership with the esteemed TUI Group, TUI fly Deutschland has a significant competitive advantage in the air travel market.

TUI fly Deutschland has been honored with numerous awards and accolades, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to service excellence, punctuality, and customer satisfaction.

TUI fly Deutschland has been creating exceptional travel experiences and unforgettable memories for over a century.

Meaning and History

TUI fly Logo History

What is TUI Fly?

TUI fly Deutschland, formerly known as TUIfly, is a renowned German airline operating under the umbrella of the world-renowned travel company TUI Group. The airline was founded in 2007 through the merger of Hapag-Lloyd Flug and Hapag-Lloyd Express, becoming an integral part of one of the world’s leading travel groups.

2007 – today

TUI fly Logo

The Belgian airline has a very friendly logo that attracts attention and inspires confidence in its impeccable service. The logo consists of only two elements – graphic and textual. The leading element of the composition is a smiling smiley face consisting of the lowercase letter “j.” This is a reference to history, as the company was formerly called Jetairfly. The smile is wide, colorful, and sincere. It is followed by the name, the first part of which is highlighted in red and the second part in dark blue. There is an empty space between them. The glyphs are smooth blocky, with rounded corners.

The smiley face serves a dual purpose. It both humanizes the brand and pays homage to its past under a different name. The contrasting colors used in the name potentially signify different sides of the company, perhaps stability, and passion. The rounded corners of the glyphs soften the appearance, reinforcing the friendly and accommodating tone set by the emoji.