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Twix: Brand overview

Twix, a chocolate bar loved for its mix of crunchy cookie, caramel, and milk chocolate, was launched in the UK in 1967 under Mars Limited under the name “Raider.” This combination set it on a path to becoming a favorite treat.

Making its way to the US in 1979 with the new name “Twix Cookie Bar,” it introduced its signature feature: two cookie bars in each package. This made Twix not just a snack but a symbol of fun and sharing.

As it grew in popularity through the 1980s and 1990s in the US and worldwide, Twix was known for its playful slogan, “Two for me, none for you,” highlighting the joy of having two bars. During this time, Twix expanded its line with flavors like Twix Peanut Butter and Twix Triple Chocolate, keeping the brand fresh and exciting.

The marketing strategy took a creative turn in the late 1990s and early 2000s with campaigns like “Need a Moment?” in 1997 and the “Get the Glass” web series, showcasing Twix’s unique approach to reaching its audience.

In 2011, the brand introduced Twix Fino, a slimmer version of the classic bar, as a sophisticated snacking choice. Recent ads have kept up the brand’s humor with campaigns like “Left Twix vs Right Twix” and “Outrageously Satisfying,” which playfully poke fun at marketing clichés.

Now, Twix is known worldwide and available in over 100 countries. It is not just the flavors that make Twix stand out; it is also its ability to innovate and connect with fans through humor.

From its early days as Raider to its current status as a global icon, Twix has always been about more than just chocolate. It’s about bringing a smile to people’s faces with tasty snacks and clever marketing. Twix remains a beloved choice for chocolate lovers everywhere as it moves forward, keeping its essence while embracing new ways to delight its fans.

Meaning and History

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What does the Twix logo mean?

The Twix logo cleverly uses a ‘pause’ button symbol on the ‘I’ to show that Twix bars are perfect for taking a break. This idea has been a big part of Twix’s advertising for a long time.

The logo also cleverly includes images of chocolate bars, linking the product’s look directly to Twix’s brand identity. This design clarifies that Twix bars are meant to be enjoyed during a break.

The name “Twix” itself is a mix of “twin” and “bix,” which is short for “biscuit.” This name points to the two cookie bars, covered in caramel and chocolate, that come in each pack, making them a great treat for a break. Together, the Twix logo and name effectively show that Twix is all about a pair of biscuit bars perfect for enjoying a moment of pause.

What is the slogan of Twix?

Twix has always found ways to keep its ads fresh and engaging by creating memorable slogans. These slogans are catchy and highlight what makes Twix chocolate bars stand out.

For instance, “Twix and Tea, Happy Together” implies that Twix bars go perfectly with tea, suggesting Twix as the ideal tea-time snack. This idea promotes a comfortable atmosphere, encouraging people to enjoy a Twix with their tea. “Twix, Try Both and Pick a Side” plays on the two-bar package of Twix, making it fun to choose a favorite bar and adding a playful element to snacking on Twix. “Twix, A Break from the Norm” presents the chocolate bar as a small escape from daily life. This slogan paints Twix as a treat that adds a bit of happiness and relaxation to your day.

As mentioned in the Brandon Gaille blog, these slogans showcase various aspects of Twix, from being a perfect companion for tea, offering an enjoyable choice, to being a delightful break.

What brand is Twix bar?

Twix is a well-liked chocolate bar made by Mars, Inc., a big company known for making sweets, pet food, and other kinds of food. Twix is special because it has a crunchy cookie and caramel on top and is covered in milk chocolate. This crunchy, sweet, and creamy mix makes Twix a favorite for people who love chocolate worldwide.

What makes Twix so appealing is its mix of different textures. The cookie provides a crunch, the caramel provides a sweet stickiness, and the chocolate provides a smooth finish. This combination makes Twix stand out among other chocolate bars and appeals to many tastes.

Over the years, Twix has introduced new versions and special editions, trying out new fillings and chocolate types to keep up with what people like. However, the original caramel and cookie recipe is still the most popular, showing how much people continue to enjoy Twix. Mars, Inc., the company that makes Twix, is known for focusing on quality and new ideas.

Why is there a pause symbol on Twix?

The pause symbol on Twix wrappers is a smart way for Mars, Inc., the company making Twix, to communicate a message. They want people to know that eating Twix is a chance to take a little break and enjoy something sweet. Twix isn’t just candy; it’s an invitation to take a breather from our busy lives.

Twix uses this idea in its ads to show that the candy bar is great when you want to relax and treat yourself. The pause symbol looks like the one on electronic devices, which everyone recognizes. It’s a quick way to say, “Stop for a moment.” Eating a Twix is about taking time for yourself, a reminder we all need now and then. The pause symbol nods to the two bars in a Twix pack, suggesting you can enjoy two breaks or share one with someone. This adds to the idea of enjoying a pause with Twix, alone or with a friend.