TXT Logo


The TXT logo shows musicians working together to create the future together. The emblem shows that group creativity helps to get the result multiplied many times over. Hence the first lines of the charts and the mass of fans.

TXT: Brand overview

Founder:Big Hit Music
Seoul, South Korea
TXT is the abbreviated name of the South Korean boy band, stylized from the phrase Tomorrow X Together. It consists of five young men performing k-pop and hip-hop songs. The project was launched immediately in 2019; they were awarded several prestigious music awards, having won high ratings already at the beginning of their career. The founder of the new band is the entertainment and production center Big Hit Music.

Meaning and history

TXT Logo History

TXT became Big Hit Entertainment’s first musical group, which she debuted six years after founding BTS. Bang Si-hyuk (songwriter, producer, and director from South Korea) has been hatching plans for its formation since 2017. To set the stage in advance, he opened the band’s official channels, where he then posted video releases and extended performances. The band officially launched in January 2019, and over the next ten days, each member’s video presentations, called “introductory films,” were displayed on YouTube. In March, a teaser presentation of the boy band The Dream Chapter: Star appeared on the same web resource. But before that, the show was broadcast on the Mnet TV channel.

The management approached the choice of the name no less painstakingly. TXT is an acronym for Tomorrow X Together (or Tomorrow by Together). Its concept stands for “five people united by one dream in the hope of building a better tomorrow.” Once in an interview, young people clarified that they prefer the full name, not the abbreviated one. Nevertheless, short characters fit perfectly into the laws of the modern scene and look incredibly impressive – “+ X +.” The two-plus signs around the edges represent the letters “T” and “X” mathematical symbols for multiplication. Another interpretation of the name: “We are all different, but harmoniously form one synergy.” Several logos appeared during the first year of the boy group’s activity.

2019 – today

TXT Logo 2019

The debut emblem consists of two parts: graphics and text. Above there are bold black signs, and below – their decoding, where the role of the letters “T” is played by the symbols “+.” The band’s name is written in the format “+ omorrow x + ogether.” In its abbreviated form, it looks like “+ x +,” reminiscent of mathematical or physical law formula.


TXT Logo 1 2019

Before the group’s debut, a variant consisting of elliptical orbits was launched. The intersecting lines of six elongated ovals form a semblance of trajectories of motion of electrons around a nucleus with protons, which is, in fact, an atom from the aggregate of which our world is formed. That is, the linear version of the boy band logo contains the concept of the basic essence of the physical existence of humanity and its surrounding space – something without which it is impossible to live.


TXT Logo 2 2019

Another variation of the logo graced the album The Dream Chapter: Star. It shows three two-color signs in one row. Each symbol is divided into two sectors by color. One fragment is a yellow pointer in the form of an open triangle resembling an arrow. The second part is the same element, but blue. Moreover, judging by the location, it is the bottom one since its sharp top is not visible.


TXT Logo 3 2019

The third emblem of the musicians accompanied the collection The Dream Chapter: Magic. It contains the same symbols from the name but is decorated with brightly sparkling stars. Mysteriousness is added by a black background, on which stylized signs of yellow, green, and blue are placed.


TXT Logo 4 2019

When joining MOA Membership, a classic and understandable variation was chosen, where the center is occupied by a crossed ruler and a yellow pencil. They form “x.” Side “+” signs look like classic pluses and are composed of bold lines. The designers tried to keep the proportions and the same width for all symbols.


TXT Logo 5 2019

The official lightstick used a minimalistic logo – contoured, formed from only thin lines, outlining the space inside. This time, each symbol is marked with a different color: yellow, green, and blue.


TXT Logo 2020

The Magic Hour emblem has incredibly deep symbolism. The fact is that the abbreviation of the boy band’s name consists of curly hour hands resembling shurikens in shape. Because of this, a philosophical subtext arises: “time is killing” or “time is a killer.” One element is colored pink, the other blue, which classically denotes women and men.


TXT Logo 2 2020

For The Dream Chapter: Eternity, the logo was chosen in the form of tightly connected chain links. They look like intertwined ellipses and are painted in the colors of the neon spectrum – turquoise and purple. To enhance the contrast, black background in the form of a horizontal rectangle has been added to the emblem.


TXT Logo 3 2020

The single Drama was accompanied by the traditional abbreviation “+ x +,” served in the form of dumbbells or the Roman numeral I with large serifs. The badges are painted in blue and yellow and are also complemented by a double border.


TXT Logo 4 2020

The musicians used this version of the emblem to design the album Minisode 1: Blue Hour. To live up to the name, it is depicted in the form of pixels – the fundamental principle of the digital universe. That is why the small square dots, which are sprayed with symbols, look like distant but bright stars. The center sign (“x”) comprises identical-sized squares — five in each diagonal line.


TXT Logo 2021

In 2021, the collection Still Dreaming was released. A logo was chosen for it, similar to the designation of the azimuth – a geodetic, physical, and navigation mark. The arrows are narrow, sharp, intersecting at a white point in the center. Three of them are colored blue; one is pink, four (small) are gray.

Font and Colors

TXT Emblem

The original boy band emblem exists in several versions, but they all have the same structure despite the variety. Only the decor is different. This approach was chosen deliberately so that the young group would gain recognition, which would visually gain a foothold among music lovers. In each of ten cases (there were so many logos in the fall of 2021), the personal icon consists of the x sign, symbolizing multiplication, and two pluses on the right and left.

The text is present only in the very first emblem. It is executed in a grotesque font with thin lines. All letters are in uppercase. The words “+ omorrow x + ogether” are typed in smooth and even symbols. They stand for Tomorrow X Together.

TXT Symbol

The color scheme is varied and consists of turquoise, yellow, blue, black, gray, green, pink, and purple. If you look closely at all the logo variants, you will notice that the most used are yellow, green, and blue.

TXT color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C