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Udemy Logo
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Udemy offers tutorials on everything from plant care and video editing to makeup and dog training. They are made up not only of professionals but also of ordinary users who are well versed in some business. All lessons are paid, although it is possible to lower the price using a promotional code or request a refund. Eventbrite, Pinterest, and Adidas have already used the services of this online platform. It is assumed that the courses can motivate employees to improve their skills, despite the lack of content from eminent professors and teachers.

Meaning and History

Udemy Logo History
Evolution of the Udemy Logo

Eren Bali, one of the co-founders of Udemy, studied in a small village school, so the question of self-education was very close to him. He teamed up with Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani to create a virtual classroom where people can learn new knowledge or share their own experiences. Not a single investor believed in the success of their project, but after attracting 10 thousand users, funding sources were still found.

The company name consists of two parts: “U” (You) and “demy” (Academy). It was chosen back in 2010 and became the basis for all word signs, which were periodically updated and changed their design.

2010 – 2011

Udemy Beta Logo 2010-2011

The beta version of Udemy used a multi-component logo with captions. On the left was the name of the online learning platform in a sans serif typeface. Above it, in the upper right corner, was the red handwritten word “beta.” A thin vertical line was drawn on the right. She separated the phrase “academy of you” in gray italics. The first letter in the title was white and depicted inside a green square with three rounded corners. This element was retained in the identity until 2014.

2011 – 2014

Udemy Logo 2011-2014

In 2011, the main version of the Udemy site and its new logo was presented. Due to the change in status, the word “beta” has disappeared. The vertical dividing line was removed, and the company’s motto was at the bottom, aligned to the center. Moreover, the designers took it in quotation marks and used a straight font instead of italics.

2014 – 2017

Udemy Logo 2014-2017

In 2014, Udemy changed its CEO. Dennis Yang took over the leadership position and undertook a redesign. The developers of the logo removed the slogan, leaving only the name of the teaching platform. The font has been redesigned, with rounds appearing at the ends of the letters and the protruding strokes in the lower right corner of the “u” and “d” removed. The lettering turned light green.

2017 – 2021

Udemy Logo 2017-2021

A year after receiving massive funding from Naspers Ventures, the company renewed its logo again. This time, she made the word “Udemy” a dark gray and put the first letter in uppercase. To make the inscription unusual. The designers chose a font with a bold typeface and lines of varying thickness. A red symbol appeared on the left in the form of a large handwritten “U.”

2021 – today

Udemy Logo 2021-present

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Udemy Emblem

The U-shaped icon that is used in conjunction with the wordmark is called Union. It expresses the two-way connection of those who create training courses and use these lessons to gain new experiences. The jagged, curved lines embody dynamics because learning is nothing more than development, moving forward.

The name of the company is in serrated type with contrasting thick strokes. It looks like a modified Typold Extra Bold; only the “d” and “e” resemble the corresponding letters from the Rawson Extra Bold typeface.

Udemy Symbol

The identity developers have given each color in the logo its name. The most important in the palette is the red Durulova (# EB5151). It reflects Udemy’s connection to the small village that started it all. And for the inscription used is a gray-brown Mombasa (# 645A52), named after the developing city.