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Although the Ulta logo does not contain explicit allusions to cosmetics and skin care, it has metaphorical images associated with softness, tenderness, and safety. It symbolizes the respect for beauty and health provided by the American network of beauty salons.

Ulta: Brand overview

Founder:Terry Hanson and Dick George
Bolingbrook, Illinois, U.S.

The founders of the cosmetics company are Dick George and Terry Hanson. The time of its origin is 1990. Location of headquarters – the city of Bolingbrook, Illinois. Basic services – sales of inexpensive grooming and decorative cosmetics, tools, perfumes, hair, bath, and nail products. It is also a chain of beauty salons.

In 1989, Richard E. George, head of the Osco Drug Corporation, quit his previous job and began working with Terry Hanson on a new business plan. They decided to pursue retail sales of beauty products, for which George enlisted his former colleagues to provide him with venture capital. At first, the company was called Ulta3 and had five stores around Chicago. This was the state of affairs in 1990.

After five years, Richard E. George left the firm and left the entire business to his co-founder. As a result, Terry Hanson stepped in as CEO. As it grew, the administrative staff grew, and the company began opening offices in other communities. In 1999, it underwent a rebranding and was renamed Ulta. In 2007, the firm went public, and in 2008 it established a distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona. By 2019, it already had a chain of 48 stores offering beauty services and beauty products.

Meaning and History

Ulta Logo History

At different times this American brand had different names: now – Ulta Beauty, earlier – Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, and Ulta3. Despite many names, the Ulta logo has always been the same, received at the moment of foundation.

Throughout the brand’s existence, it has only had one logo. This is due to several factors:

  1. It was a young brand.
  2. The desire to remain recognizable.
  3. The desire to maintain stability.

What is Ulta?

Ulta is an American cosmetics brand offering beauty care services and products. Ulta has been around since 1990 and is now a big chain of specialty stores. Its founders are Dick George and Terry Hanson. The head office is located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

The peculiarity of Ulta’s visual identity is simple, even though it represents the fashion industry.

Ulta’s logo is textual. The lettering includes the brand’s full name, occupying two lines. The most important one is the top one. On it is the word “Ulta.” It is in uppercase font with expansion at the ends of the letters, which makes it appear that they have serifs. The thickness of the sides of the glyphs is uneven: one leg is wider than the other. The distance between the characters is medium.

Ulta Symbol

The second inscription is “Beauty.” It is in the next row and is typed in small glyphs in the same style as the first part. But the inter-character distance is much larger than in the previous word, which forms a sense of airiness. The upper and lower inscriptions are not aligned on any edge.

To their left is a bent line. It is directed from top to bottom: it starts at the level of the letter “U” and ends at the “A.” The sickle-shaped band has pointed ends and a thickened center. The background for all the elements is the usual white space. The logo has no frame.

Font and Colors

Ulta Emblem

The text logo uses grotesque, smoothly turning into antiqua. That is, there are no classic serifs at the ends of the letters – only extensions that look like them. The font is bold, uppercase, and slightly curved. Even though this is a beauty industry company, the logo’s colors are restrained: there are no bright colors – there is only graphite gray #636466 on a white background.

Ulta color codes

Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C