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UPS Logo

UPS Logo

UPS is a transportation and logistics corporation from the USA. She is engaged in the delivery of parcels, various goods and documents both domestically and abroad. Works since 1907. First located in Seattle, Washington, and then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by two pals – Claude Ryan and Jim Casey, later joined by James E. Casey.

Meaning and History

UPS Logo History
Evolution of the UPS Logo

During the entire existence of the corporation, it had five emblems. The current brand name consists of United Parcel Service, abbreviated to UPS. This abbreviation has always been associated with the logo.

1916 – 1937

UPS Logo 1916-1937

The original version is dated 1916. The debut logo features an eagle flying with a bag in its talons. The slogan “Safe, Fast, Reliable” is also written there. Behind the brown bird is a bronze shield with a gold outline. The knightly attribute was incorporated into the branding after the company’s merger with a local rival firm.

1937 – 1961

UPS Logo 1937-1961

In 1937, the legendary UPS abbreviation appeared on the logo, which never disappeared from the corporate label. The inscription (abridged) has received a noble golden hue. The shield is enlarged and colored brown. Below is a waving ribbon with triangular cutouts at the ends and the phrase “Since 1907” (right and left). At the top, it says, “The delivery system for stores of quality” in large print.

1961 – 2003

UPS Logo 1961-2003

During this period, the logo was redesigned, as a result of which it radically changed. Small details have disappeared from it: only key elements of great importance to the corporation remain. In particular, it is a shield and an abbreviation. To these was added a rectangular box tied with a bow. The color of the logo has become minimalistic: the palette includes white and brown. Paul Rand, the author of the update, said he values โ€‹โ€‹simplicity.

2003 – 2014

UPS Logo 2003-2014

The previous version gave way to a new one – full color and more detailed. The developers added colors to it, restored the shield’s classic shape, and returned the leg to the letter “u.” Also, they have styled the lettering, keeping the font in lower case. At the top left of the abbreviation, a small bevel was made, which modernized the logo.

This year’s changes have brought some minor adjustments, mostly in color. So, the designers returned to the emblem the palette of the original version – 1916.

UPS Symbol

The current UPS emblem is a rectangular heraldic shield with a pointed bottom and a round top. This emblem was present in all logos in various forms. Previously, it was supplemented by symbols related to the delivery service: a box (in 1919) and a bandaged envelope (in 1961). Then the designers removed them to make room for the company name. So now the abbreviation “UPS” takes up all the free space inside the board.

American graphic artist Paul Rand designed the custom typeface UPS Sans for the firm. He used FF Dax as the basis, enhancing the expressiveness and simplicity of the signs. All three letters in the logo are lowercase, although it is an abbreviation for United Parcel Service. The golden inscription reflects the high status of the delivery service. Part of the shield is colored brown, known as UPS Brown. Both colors formally represent the brand. Hex shade codes: # 351C15 and # FFB500.

2014 – present

UPS Logo 2014-present

In 2014, a two-dimensional version of the previous logo appeared. The developers removed gloss, highlights, and shadows to make it flat, leaving only the actual elements – the abbreviation on the shield. In addition, the division into two contrasting zones is preserved: yellow and brown. The dark color almost completely repeats the shape of the shield, and the light one acts as a frame with an angle at the top. The thin edging line that ran along the edge also disappeared.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

UPS Emblem

The designers opted for a modified version of FF Dax, which served as the basis for the customized UPS Sans typeface. The branded palette has moved into a simple scheme – without gradients and gloss. The emblem now has a warm yellow and chocolate brown.