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Veet Logo
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Veet is a Canadian brand of chemical depilation products. It was founded in 1919 by Hannibal Pharmaceutical. In 1922, it was registered in the United States, as it was acquired by the pharmaceutical corporation Home Products Corporation. The brand is currently owned by the Anglo-Dutch company Reckitt Benckiser.

Meaning and History

Veet Symbol

The personal symbolism of the trademark is based on its name, which came to it in 1922. Initially, the company was called Neet, but it was renamed in the French manner because “veet” means “quickly.” As a result, there was a direct connection between the company’s name and the way the products were operated. Throughout its existence, the brand has had four logos.

The modern version of the logo represents the word “Veet” in its original spelling. The two letters “e” and “t” are connected by a common line, which is horizontal, and the capital “V” is made in the form of a large checkmark. There is green grass in the middle between the signs (above), consisting of three stems. She says that the depilatory agent’s formulation acts gently and naturally – as if “mowing the grass” at the root. All elements are located in a small 3D circle.

Font and colors of the Emblem

Veet Emblem

The brand name is made with an individual typeface, which is specially designed for it. The inscription is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. All signs have rounded, and two “e” and “t” are united by a common stroke. The signature palette consists of blue, green, white, and a subtle pink gradient.

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