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Vegas Golden Knights Logo

Vegas Golden Knights Logo
Vegas Golden Knights Logo PNG

Vegas Golden Knights is a relatively young hockey club from the NHL. His first match took place during the 2017-2018 season. He plays home games at the T-Mobile Arena. The current name was chosen on November 22, 2016. It is a tribute to the Army Black Knights sports teams, representing the United States Military Academy in intercollegiate competitions. This decision was made by Bill Foley, who owns 70% of the franchise. At first, he wanted to focus on the Black Knights variant, but the officials were against it. The Vegas Knights version was also not suitable because, at that time, the London Knights already existed.

Meaning and History

Vegas Golden Knights Logo History
Evolution of the Vegas Golden Knights Logo

Unlike many other clubs, Vegas Golden Knights do not draw parallels between the logo and the mascot. After all, his mascot is the lizard Gila monster, and the emblem predictably depicts a knight’s helmet. The process of developing the decal took a long time. The first unofficial version appeared in 2016, almost six months before the final version was approved.

And it has nothing to do with what we see now: the designers did not consider the theme of the knights since the team did not yet have an actual name. They positioned the words “Vegas Hockey,” written in white lettering with cut corners, next to the National Hockey League logo, choosing a solid black background for contrast.

The final emblem is very different from the unofficial original. Since its creation Vegas Golden Knights had already received its name at its creation; the artists tried to beat it. To do this, they drew the most important part of knightly armor – a helmet. It is depicted inside a rectangular coat of arms with a sharp base and only slightly extends beyond it.

The hockey club’s graphic sign is a reflection of the knightly theme, as indicated by the main attributes of medieval warriors: shield and helmet. However, the first element can be viewed more as heraldic, as many sports organizations use it on their logos. So the centerpiece is the gladiatorial helmet. As the designers considered, it perfectly conveys the chosen concept, looks quite serious and intimidating. Therefore, they did not begin to supplement it with inscriptions or other elements, opting for a laconic design.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Vegas Golden Knights Emblem

At first glance, there is nothing remarkable in the team’s emblem: the helmet on the shield seems to be a banal embodiment of the phrase Vegas Golden Knights. But in fact, everything is much deeper and more symbolic. If you look closely, you will notice that the helmet’s front is forming a “V.” There is a reference to the club’s hometown, Las Vegas. “Las” is omitted on purpose not to clutter the club name with the fourth word. Also, locals themselves often use an abbreviated version – Vegas.

As such, there are no inscriptions on the logo. The only letter on the shield has large beveled serifs. It is completely black and visible in a negative space. The helmet, in turn, is painted in two colors: gray and pale gold. Simultaneously, it seems that it is three-dimensional and pushed forward; that is, it is not drawn on the shield but is directly in front of it. This effect is created by a successful combination of multi-colored shapes and lines.

Vegas Golden Knights Symbol

Each color that is present on the emblem has its hidden meaning. For example, a black shadow forms the letter “V” and gives the image depth, creating a sense of invisible presence. The steel shade of gray is a reflection of durability and strength. Golden, in turn, is a direct reference to the team name Vegas Golden Knights. It is also inextricably linked with Nevada, where gold mining has been conducted for a long time.