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Virgin Atlantic: Brand overview

Founded: 22 June 1984
Founder: Richard Branson
Crawley, England
Based in London, United Kingdom, Virgin Atlantic is a British airline established by Richard Branson, a renowned entrepreneur, under the umbrella of his Virgin Group in 1984. The airline specializes in long-haul routes, connecting the UK with North America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East destinations.

London Heathrow Airport is the primary operating base for Virgin Atlantic, supplemented by additional hubs at London Gatwick Airport and Manchester Airport. The airline’s fleet includes a range of widebody jets from Airbus and Boeing, such as the A330s, A350s, 787s, and A380s.

The airline’s services are segmented into three categories:

  • Upper Class, which is equivalent to business class.
  • Premium, which mirrors premium economy.
  • Economy class.

One of Virgin Atlantic’s distinguishing features is its emphasis on premium services, exceptional customer service, top-notch amenities, and enhancing the overall passenger experience.

In terms of competition, Virgin Atlantic primarily challenges British Airways and other major carriers on the transatlantic routes connecting the UK with the USA and Canada. The airline has established codeshare agreements and collaborative relationships with other airlines, including Delta Air Lines, Air France-KLM, and Virgin Australia.

Ownership of Virgin Atlantic is divided between the Virgin Group, which holds a 51% stake, and Delta Air Lines, which owns the remaining shares.

Meaning and History

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Virgin Atlantic color codes

Indigo Hex color: #5b056a
RGB: 91 5 106
CMYK: 14 95 0 58
Pantone: PMS 2613 C
Red Hex color: #ec143a
RGB: 2326 20 56
CMYK: 0 92 75 7
Pantone: PMS 185 C