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The Singapore Airlines logo is forward-leaning, like a bird. The elements of the emblem represent leadership, speed, and passenger care. On board the company’s liners, customers can feel at home.

Singapore Airlines: Brand overview

Founded:1 May 1947
Founder:Temasek Holdings
Singapore Airlines is Singapore’s main carrier, serving up to 11 million people annually. It belongs to the government conglomerate Temasek Holdings. The company’s fleet comprises over 150 aircraft that fly to 35 countries across 130 routes. The carrier’s revenues amount to $4.6 billion.

Meaning and History

Singapore Airlines Logo History

Despite the first logo dating from 1972, the company’s history goes back to the beginning of air transportation in Singapore. Under the name Malayan Airways, several firms served the Malaysian region in 1947. In 1972, the conglomerate split into Singapore and Malaysian Airlines, giving birth to today’s well-known brand identity. The new company’s primary aspiration was to develop international transportation. Therefore, it adopted a fast bird as its symbol. Since then, the carrier’s symbol has undergone almost no changes, emphasizing the reliability and consistency so important to customers.

What is Singapore Airlines?

A Singaporean airline, which has repeatedly entered the top ten largest in the world and has not left the Skytrax best airlines ranking for the last 22 years. The air fleet is dominated by Airbus A380, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787, which fly to 5 continents. The leading routes go to Australia, India, and Great Britain.

1972 – 1987

Singapore Airlines Logo 1972

The logo foreground features a schematic bird flapping its wings. The animal figure consists of straight parallel stripes. It’s believed that the drawing was inspired by a spiritual weapon called a kris. This knife is popular in Asian countries and recognized as a UNESCO heritage. The item has a wavy blade made with multilayer welding of iron and nickel-plated iron plates, often consisting of parallel stripes.

The knife is also featured in other company products, such as the SilverKris lounge waiting areas.

The bird’s wings resemble a torch, symbolizing energy and long-distance flights. The company paves its way through the air over impassable lands and transports passengers in bad weather and at night.

Below the picture, the name is placed on two levels. Its strong forward inclination implies speed. The logo looks rapid, rushing into the distance. The uppercase letters convey the leading position of the carrier in the country.

1987 – today

Singapore Airlines Logo

1987 Singapore Airlines slightly updated its image, making the logo colorful. The new emblem was supposed to represent the company’s development and harmonize with the main advertisement of beautiful and bright Singapore Girls in national costumes.

The orange bird retained its shape completely but moved to the left, leading the composition. As a continuation behind the animal, there was a long orange stripe on which the blue name rested. It seemed as if the words were flying through the sky on a magical carriage.

Font and Colors

The logo includes a combination of blue and orange colors.

  • Blue represents the technical excellence of the planes and the maximum services on board. The shade speaks of professionalism and the company’s well-coordinated work.
  • Orange indicates communication. The main job of the carrier is to connect people, facilitate meetings, and maintain international contacts. The hue also conveys the aura of friendliness that reigns on board the liners, in the waiting rooms, and at Singapore Airlines airports.

The inscription font is unique due to the torn glyphs of the letters. Separate elements stretch towards each other, barely touching. This technique demonstrates meeting over distances. The legs of the letter n resemble a gangway attached to an airplane. The even straight letters express confidence and strength—preparedness to deal with any obstacles.

Singapore Airlines color codes

Safety BlueHex color:#1c4886
RGB:28 72 134
CMYK:79 46 0 47
Pantone:PMS 7686 C
Bright YellowHex color:#fcb230
RGB:252 178 48
CMYK:0 29 81 1
Pantone:PMS 7409 C