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Scoot: Brand overview

Founded:November 1, 2011
Founder:Singapore Airlines
Changi Airport, Singapore
Scoot, a budget airline with a long-haul operation model, is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, starting its flight services in 2012. Singapore’s major operations center is located at Singapore Changi Airport.

The airline offers regular flight services to over 65 destinations across 17 countries, particularly in Asia and Europe. Scoot’s fleet includes Boeing 787 Dreamliners and Airbus A320 family aircraft, amounting to around 20 aircraft in total.

Scoot’s coverage includes locations in China, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Japan, South Korea, and more, with long-distance routes extending to Athens and Berlin. Scoot primarily caters to leisure travelers looking for budget-friendly options, offering base ticket prices with additional add-on options to customize the journey.

With a workforce of approximately 2,000, Scoot served over 9 million passengers in 2019, experiencing robust growth and profitability in its initial years. Even though Scoot is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, it operates independently as a budget airline wholly owned by Singapore Airlines.

In 2020, Singapore Airlines announced plans to merge Scoot with SilkAir, its regional division, with the integration expected to be completed by 2025. Scoot is recognized for its service excellence, having won awards for the best low-cost airline in Asia Pacific and best cabin crew service. Its catchy motto, “Escape the Ordinary,” captures its commitment to offering unique travel experiences.

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