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Singapore Airlines Cargo: Brand overview

Founder:Singapore Airlines

In 1988, Singapore Airlines Cargo (SIA Cargo) emerged onto the air cargo scene, captivating the industry with its innovative approach. Operating from the SATS Airfreight Terminal 5 at Singapore Changi Airport, SIA Cargo has established itself as a dynamic force, overseeing passenger and freight aircraft operations for Singapore Airlines (SIA).

In a game-changing move announced in May 2017, Singapore Airlines unveiled plans to reintegrate SIA Cargo into the broader SIA group, setting the stage for a seamless alignment between the cargo division and the overall operations of the airline.

The successful completion of an extensive reintegration process in the first half of 2018 marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of Singapore Airlines Cargo.

Singapore Airlines Cargo has earned its esteemed status as a world-renowned cargo carrier through expertise, exceptional service, and cutting-edge technology.

Meaning and History

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What is Singapore Airlines Cargo?

Singapore Airlines Cargo, or SIA Cargo, is a division of Singapore Airlines (SIA) dedicated to providing efficient and reliable air cargo services. Since its founding in 2001, this subsidiary has diligently transported goods across international borders, adhering to the high standards set by the parent company. Since its existence, SIA Cargo has been striving to provide comprehensive air transportation services. Over time, it has become an integral part of the supply chain for various industries, carrying various goods, from ordinary goods to temperature-sensitive goods.