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Vivasan Logo
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Vivasan is a multi-level marketing brand that produces herbal medicines, vitamin syrups, premium medical and decorative cosmetics, hair, nail, and skincare products. It is based in Switzerland and uses only natural raw materials.

Meaning and History

Vivasan Symbol

The Vivasan logo reflects the brand’s concept – environmental friendliness, safety, and naturalness of products. During the entire existence of the company, it has never changed. An individual sign is presented in the form of a harmonious combination of text and graphics. It is minimalistic and consists of only two details: the plant and the name.

The logo shows two sheets: one is vertical, the other is horizontal. According to the designers, this is a herb that personifies the natural basis of original products. The second sheet is the brand name. The word “Vivasan” takes up all the space along the horizontal element. Each letter has a subtle shadow on the left side.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Vivasan Emblem

The brand name is written in a sleek sans serif typeface from the Sans Serif category. The symbols are strict, geometric, even. The color of the emblem consists of several shades of blue, ranging from whitish to dark. Black (shadows) and white (background) are also used.