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Warframe Logo

Warframe Logo
Warframe Logo PNG

Warframe is one of the most famous online action games with a fantasy setting in the MMORPG genre. It now has over 40 million registered gamers, so it’s hard to believe that Digital Extremes once had difficulty finding a publisher for this game. Everyone to whom the developer contacted considered it hopeless. As a result, Sony Computer Entertainment agreed to participate in a risky project and was not mistaken: further improvements and additions raised the new shooter to the pinnacle of success.

Meaning and History

Warframe Logo History
Evolution of the Warframe Logo

The game’s logo is directly related to its storyline. After all, the lotus depicted on it is not just a flower but also a symbol of Lotus’s mysterious character. Each gamer gets a representative of the Tenno civilization at his disposal. Lotus is the main guide and prompter for this race: it accompanies users in all missions, directs operations, warns of approaching enemies, advises, and prioritizes tasks.

Below the stylized flower is the word “WARFRAME.” This is the name for the game and the exoskeletons that Tenno controls as they progress through missions, their skill level increases, along with it – the main characteristics. After all, every Warframe is a combat doll with incredible abilities.

The lotus petals that adorn the top of the logo are common in the gaming universe. Lotus has a similar symbol. After joining a clan or alliance, you can see it when equipped, a picture with a flower will automatically be placed on the right shoulder of Warframe in the form of a holographic device. Leaders can choose any other badge for their team, but a lotus icon will be used instead of the default custom logo before they do.

On the game’s logo, the flower’s appearance is very simplified: it consists of curly stripes of the same color and approximately the same shape. The lines vary in size and position because they form three petals. In style, they have something in common with the lower inscription, which also has many corners and straight lines. The lotus from the official Warframe emblem is most similar to the one from the alliance badge, and they were both copied from the symbol of a mysterious character named Lotus.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Warframe Emblem

Designers from Digital Extremes have come up with a special font for an online action game with a space plot – a geometric serif without rounding. It looks unusual compared to standard typefaces because most of the serifs are turned inward. The lettering seems to be “prickly” because of the sharp edges. Part of the letters is not fully visible: the second “A” overlaps the third “R,” the fifth “R” goes to the sixth “A,” which, in turn, pushes the next “M.”

Warframe Symbol

The game’s name is colored black with a linear gradient: the top and bottom of the word “WARFRAME” are as dark as possible, and in the middle, there is a light horizontal line with a white sheen. The lotus symbol is completely blue and has a gradient, but without sharp transitions and contrasting shades.