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The emblem shows a drink that has received more than one award. The Warsteiner logo highlights the main one – the crown’s approval, which testified to the high quality of the foam. The symbols promise: beer has only gotten better over the centuries.

Warsteiner: Brand overview

Founder:Catharina Cramer
Warstein, Germany
Warsteiner is a German beer brand that is exported worldwide and ranks among the top 5 alcoholic beverages in Germany. It represents premium pilsner beers of 4.8% and 5.5% strength. Its most popular variety is Warsteiner Premium Verum. The company is located on the outskirts of Warstein in the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park in North-Rhine Westphalia. The company was founded by Antonius Cramer, whose family it still belongs to. The year of its appearance is 1753.

Meaning and History

Warsteiner Logo History

The march of products of this brand began in the middle of the 18th century when farmer Antonius Cramer began to sell surplus beer brewed by him. According to the tax report for 1753, for the first time, he paid the state for his new activities – 1 thaler and 19 guilders. Then the entrepreneur involved his son Johannes Vitus in brewing. He was also engaged in this business, adapting his own house in the center of Warstein. Even a fire in 1802, which destroyed the entire household, could not stop him. His son built a new building, opened the Domschanke brewery, and doubled his efforts.

The third generation Cramer in turn, had two sons, Albert and August, who joined the family business in 1823. In time, they changed the company’s technical equipment and improved the production methods as they were trained at the Brauerschule brewing academy in Worms. In 1898 the brothers bought a steam engine and registered the company, listing it as a Warstein trading company.

Warsteiner Symbol

A new turn in brand promotion was marked in 1927 when in the Arnsberg forest, the Kaiserquelle spring with its incredibly soft water was discovered. It was taken as the basis for a premium German beer, enriching it with a unique taste. Demand for the drink increased, so the logo became recognizable throughout the country. Soon, the production expanded so much that it was moved to another site – the Waldpark plant, located on the city’s southern outskirts.

Currently, the company is run by the ninth generation of the Cramer dynasty. Thanks to continuous investment in production and identity, the brand is known worldwide.

What is Warsteiner?

Warsteiner is an old German beer brand and the family company that produces it. They have been around since 1753, offering a premium pilsner to customers from all over the world. The brewery is located in Arnsberg Forest Nature Park, near the town of Warstein. The founder of the brewery is Antonius Cramer.


Warsteiner Old Logo

The original Warsteiner emblem is a light icon with a wide golden ring, inside which is a solid circle of the same color. It serves as a background for the name of the beer brand, made by the letters of the old German alphabet. The accent detail is the “s”: it is very elongated vertically, which resembles a delimiting element. Around it is the inscription, which means “queen among the beers” in German. It is crowned by the imperial crown adorned with ornaments. The gold components (frame and center) are complemented by glittering highlights and a gradient, making the logo appear to be composed of noble metal.

2013 – 2016

Warsteiner Logo 2013

The bezel is much thinner than in the first emblem in this version. And it has no light glare and metallic shine. The circle in the middle has become slightly larger: it has received a thin border, located not against each other but at some distance. Thanks to this, the crown now crowns the circle, being right on its lower stripe. Under the brand name appeared the year of its creation, a leaf, and two-hop cones. The gold color has a patina, and the central circle is decorated with a gradient. The accent is transferred from the letter “s” to the “t”: the designers stretched it vertically and cut the top bar obliquely.

2016 – today

Warsteiner Logo

The logo is now used, which has a more distinct gradient, and the letters in the name of Warsteiner Brewing Company are black, whereas before, they were white with a thin contrasting border. The bar at the “t” has been reduced. The oblique element above the “i” has been turned into a rhombus. To the right and left of the crown, the designers placed the year the brewery was opened. At the bottom, they added “Das Einzig Wahre,” a current slogan. The gold frame was again wider and got a noble metallic sheen.

Font and Colors

Warsteiner Emblem

The Warsteiner beer brand remains faithful to its original brand identity, so each new logo repeats the main features of the previous one. And it is used not only on labels but also on some lids. All variants are in elegant pastel colors and necessarily include a crown – a sign of excellence and premium level. It shows the high quality of the product and its authenticity.

The font used in the Warsteiner logo is called Nimbus Roman No 9 Small Caps. It first came out in URW++. It is a transitional font in a Gothic style reminiscent of letters from the old German alphabet. The circular lettering is grotesque. The signature palette consists of muted shades of gold and black and white monochrome.

Warsteiner color codes

Banana ManiaHex color:#edd9a3
RGB:237 217 163
CMYK:0 8 31 7
Pantone:PMS 7401 C
LionHex color:#d9bf80
RGB:217 191 128
CMYK:0 12 41 15
Pantone:PMS 7508 C
Smoky BlackHex color:#070401
RGB:7 4 1
CMYK:0 43 85 97
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C