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The WCOstream logo makes it clear that this web portal is dedicated to anime. The graphic sign attracts the attention of fans of oriental animation because it is made in a similar style. The designers used recognizable images and suitable colors to express the site’s main theme.

WCOstream: Brand overview

WCOstream is the largest platform on the global network dedicated to anime cartoons. If we talk about the abbreviation, it stands for “Watch Cartoons online.” The key feature of the web portal compared to competitors in the market is that it is completely free, so the user only has to register an account and start watching. To date, the site is visited every month by about a million people worldwide.

Meaning and History

WCOstream Symbol

On the site, the user can not only watch your favorite anime but also download it to any device. In the site sections, the client is offered a lot of categories; you can even watch the series with subtitles if you do not have the necessary dubbing option. Even though this site is not available in many countries, VPN helps solve this problem. The site’s functionality is aimed at mobile devices, evidenced by the relatively small file size – from 70 to 300 MB. The company earns not on payments from users, as all content is free, but on internal advertising while watching anime.

During the whole time, the logo of WCOstream has never changed. However, it should be noted that for the icon of the web portal, an emblem is used that is completely different from the logo.

What is WCOstream?

First and foremost, it is an opportunity for anime lovers to have a fun and exciting time. We are talking about a large catalog of cartoons with provided annotations to introduce the user to the essence of the plot.

If we talk about the main logo of the web portal, it was introduced when the site was launched. It consists of a verbal inscription and an image of a character located on the left. The verbal inscription is made in two lines, and white is used for the background. The top line contains the abbreviation “WCO,” while the bottom line says “stream.” Both parts are done in orange, which many people associate specifically with anime. A modern and stylish bold font with slightly rounded corners was used for the lettering. The image chosen was the Naruto character, which is the embodiment of anime for many genre fans.

The icon, which is used on the site and in applications, is used as a logo variation, with only the word inscription without emblems. It is also written in two lines and is inside an orange rectangle. The verbal title is as follows: “Watch anime dub.” Moreover, the first word is on the top line, and the next two are on the bottom line. Separately, it should be noted that each word, in turn, is inside blocks of different colors – white, light orange, and dark orange. To give the image volume, a small gradient is used. If the word “Watch” and “Dub” are made in simple and inexpressive font, the main emphasis is placed precisely on “Anime.” This is a bold white letter without serifs that most users immediately draw their attention to.

Font and Colors

WCOstream Emblem

The main logo used by the web portal presented today is made in modern bold sans serif font. At the same time, the additional logo used as a rule for the site icons and software is distinguished by a unique font for each word.

The color palette of the logo consists of white and orange. This is not surprising since it is the one many people associate with anime.

WCOstream color codes

Racing RedHex color:#d92f12
RGB:217 47 18
CMYK:0 78 92 15
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C