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Wizzair (Wizz Air): Brand overview

Founded: September 2003
Founder: Wizz Air Holdings
Budapest, Hungary
Website: wizzair.com
Wizz Air, originating from Hungary, is a leading budget airline in Europe. It commenced operations in 2004, offering an affordable mode of transport for short to medium-length flights across Europe and certain destinations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Budapest Airport serves as Wizz Air’s primary hub and maintains various secondary bases throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The airline’s fleet, which is among the most recent in Europe, consists solely of over 150 Airbus A320 family aircraft.

The low-cost carrier model is the central pillar of Wizz Air’s operation, where the airline strives to reduce operating costs while maximizing ancillary revenue from added services. With over 200 destinations spanning 50 countries, it transported nearly 40 million passengers in 2019.

A blend of European and American private investors holds the ownership of Wizz Air, with the most significant share belonging to its founder, József Váradi. The airline offers base fares that are extremely competitive and applies extra charges for virtually all services, such as checked luggage, seat selection, and onboard refreshments.

Wizz Air has experienced swift expansion by setting up bases across Europe and offering prices lower than those of conventional carriers while maintaining a solid financial status. The airline’s lively magenta color scheme and unique Aeron cabin crew uniforms, designed by fashion icon Vivienne Westwood, make it easily recognizable.

Meaning and History

Wizz Air Logo History

2003 – 2015

Wizz Air Logo 2003

2015 – today

Wizz Air Logo

Wizzair (Wizz Air) color codes

Fandango Hex color: #b02f83
RGB: 176 47 131
CMYK: 0 73 26 31
Pantone: PMS Pink C
Purple Heart Hex color: #68288a
RGB: 104 40 133
CMYK: 25 71 0 46
Pantone: PMS 2603 C
Cosmic Cobalt Hex color: #3f238f
RGB: 63 35 143
CMYK: 56 76 0 44
Pantone: PMS 267 C