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A whole virtual world is behind the emblem. The real treasures are hidden inside the service. The Xbox logo shows how the magic console opens up for users, and an endless stream of interesting video games comes to light.

Xbox: Brand overview

Founded:November 15, 2001
United States
Xbox is an American video game brand founded by Microsoft Corporation and is named a series of consoles developed by the same company. The brand also brings together streaming services, apps, and online resources. The trademark was first introduced in November 2001 in the United States – simultaneously with the game console release.

Meaning and History

Xbox Logo History

The debut logo bore the word “XBOX,” and next to it was a shining X-shaped star in 3D. But before that, there was another option that set the style of the future emblem. In general, the brand’s trademark has gone through nine stages of evolution.

In 1999, before the project’s official launch, the developers created a logo consisting of the lowercase inscription “Xbox.” She has thin geometric letters reminiscent of an electronic, robotic style. The top of the leg “b” is bent to the right, the lower-left corner “o” is lengthened, and the upper right corner is cut off. It was this design that set the direction for all subsequent versions of the logo.

In 2001, the final version of the branding was approved. The prefix’s name is ​​written in classic capital letters with an accent on “B,” in which the middle transverse line is played originally. A 4-pointed star appeared on the left, resembling an “X.” In the 2005 version, the developers lengthened the center bar of the letter “B,” enlarged the word, and placed the “X” on a dark gray ball. In 2010, they replaced it with a silver one.

This was followed by the same emblem type, which transformed the colors, arrangement, and volume of elements. These versions refer to 2012, 2013, 2019, and are still used on game consoles. There is also a jubilee logo created for the 15th anniversary. It is based on the 2012 logo and comes in green with white stripes on the Metro ball. Also, it has a cyber heart labeled “15 years”.

What is Xbox?

Xbox is an American brand founded by Microsoft Corporation to produce eponymous gaming consoles. It was introduced in 2001 along with their launch. The series includes five gaming consoles, a streaming service, a game development division, and several online resources.

1999 – 2001

Xbox Logo 1999-2001

The debut logo was dominated by “X.” It effectively opened and closed the word “XBOX,” which was typed in a “digital” design. That is, the letters looked like numbers on an electronic scoreboard. The characters were thin and slightly italic, tilted to the right. “B” and “O” had an unusual shape: the first of them was perceived as the number “6”, and the second looked like a contour leaf of a tree. They had one corner cut off, one sharpened, the rest rounded.

2001 – 2005

Xbox Logo 2001-2005

During this period, the emblem was changed in a more understandable direction. The name was read clearly and was accompanied by a graphic sign in the form of a four-pointed star with sharp rays that diverged in different directions. It resembled the letter “X” in 3D with a gradient. The lettering received a different style, although it was still “robotic,” emphasizing the capital “B.” At the same time, “O” and “B” were like kegs.

2005 – 2010

Xbox Logo 2005-2010

The company continued to use the electronic style of the letters, but they were already twice the size of the previous ones. The designers moved the “X” to a gray ball with a light middle. And so that the symbol is not perceived as a sign of striking out (prohibition), the developers made it around the base, harmoniously bending the ends. They used a green gradient to color the main graphic.

2010 – 2013

Xbox Logo 2010-2013

In this version, the colors were an order of magnitude lighter than in the previous version – both gray and green. But the inscription remained the same: it was identical to the previous one.

2012 – today

Xbox Logo 2012-present

The logo, approved in 2012, is still in use today. It is a 2D version with flat graphics. The designers repainted the ball in a dark green color and made it an almost solid fill, against which the letter “X” with curved ends emerges from the negative space. Apart from the color, nothing has been changed in the inscription, so the middle crossbar “B” protrudes slightly backward.

2013 – today

Xbox Logo 2013-present

In parallel, an emblem with a three-dimensional version of the “X” mark is used. The drawing for it was taken from the logo of 2001-2005, which is visible in the characteristic center with a gradient. The inscription and the icon do not match in color in this version: the word “XBOX” is made in dark green, and the letter “X” – light green on a gray background.

2019 – today

Xbox Logo 2019-present

Another emblem is relevant – monochrome, consisting of the classic combination of black and white. The shape and size of the main elements are completely preserved in it. The only difference is the strict black and white palette and flat design. Despite the similarity, the inscription in this logo is located not to the right of the round icon but below it.

Font and Colors

Xbox Emblem

The current version is a monochrome sign in black. A large ball with white diagonally intersecting stripes is located above the brand name. An updated version was released in 2019, along with the Xbox X series console.

The manufacturer puts a fairly simple meaning into a trademark. After all, his task is to present a product that attracts adolescents and young people, the main users of video games and consoles. The name of the generation is organically encrypted in the form of a repeating letter “X,” which also symbolizes the highest secrecy stamp.

The text part is equivalent to the graphic part, so much attention was paid to it. The lettering has evolved from digital geometric characters to a custom typeface called X360.

The logo palette has always been associated with neon green. It was created thanks to Horace Luke, one of the authors of the corporate logo. According to the second developer – Seamus Blackley – at the hand-drawn version, the designer had only a green neon felt-tip pen at his fingertips, so there was no other choice. This version was approved. Later added black, white, and shades of gray.

Xbox color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C