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The Xbox Series X & S logo is familiar to many video game enthusiasts, as this console is sold worldwide, attracting attention more for its multifunctional content than its branding. Regardless, the emblem is considered universal and accompanies each console.

Xbox Series X & S: Brand overview

United States
Xbox Series X & S is a famous collection of consoles from the U.S. trademark that entered the video game market in the early 2000s. Its founder is Microsoft Corporation, which owns the brand. This lineup represents the ninth generation of gaming consoles. Their official announcement took place at the end of 2019 at The Game Awards, and their direct competitors are Sony’s PlayStation 5, Google’s Stadia, and Amazon’s Luna.

Meaning and History

Xbox Series X & S Logo History

The ninth generation of Xbox Series X & S consoles was finally released at the end of 2020, yet its inception took place much earlier, in 2016. Then, Microsoft started developing a new type of gaming platform lineup. Almost all the time, while the concept was in its initial stage, it existed under the code Project Scarlett. Under this name, the consoles were introduced to the general public in 2017. They received their logo even later, in mid-2019, just before the release of the first series of the two.

What is Xbox Series X & S?

Xbox Series X & S is a new lineup of gaming consoles released by Microsoft Corporation under the Xbox project. The platform features ninth-generation consoles on par with PlayStation 5, Stadia, and Luna. It was announced in 2017, although work on the project began a year earlier, in 2016. The Series X was launched in December 2019, while the Series S was released in November 2020.

2016 – 2019

Project Scarlett Logo 2016

The emblem primarily features the temporary name, split into two lines. The font used for the inscription vaguely resembles Tang Thin from Suomi Type Foundry, with some modifications. For instance, the “A” in the word “Scarlett” lacks a middle crossbar, the caps of both “T’s” are fragmented, the inner curve of “R” doesn’t reach the leg, and part of the vertical stroke in “E” is missing. A similar situation is observed in the top row where the word “Project” is located: some glyphs are incomplete, while others are truncated. Yet, in both instances, the letters are identical in width, case, and style.

2019 – today

Xbox Series X & S Logo 2019

The logo is made in the company’s design, approved in 2001. The console’s name is positioned at the bottom and written in uppercase letters of medium thickness without serifs. The focus is on the letter “B,” where the middle stroke extends beyond the left boundary. The protruding tip of the horizontal line was introduced in 2005. It is smoothly cut diagonally and slightly pointed. Below the brand name is the name of the new console – “Series X.” It is also in uppercase and is black, bold, and blocky. The lines are center-aligned.

Above, the classic symbol for Microsoft gaming consoles is depicted—a large 3D sphere with two intersecting diagonal bands of contrasting color (the circle is black, and they are white). The updated logo version was released with the first ninth-generation console in 2019, concurrently with this series. The idea of the “X” symbol in a diagonal arrangement, as if crossing the circle, originated in 2005. According to the developers’ concept, it is not a glyph but something luminous—a four-pointed star or a shiny reflection.

2020 – today

Xbox Series X & S Logo

The logo related to this gaming platform maintains the same structure and design as the previous emblem version. It consists of a circle with two diagonal bands that form an “X” due to their intersection at the center. The top part of the lines is short, while the bottom is long, creating a 3D effect. As a result, the black sphere with white strokes appears voluminous. Beneath it is the brand name Xbox, written in uppercase letters. The letters are bold, sans-serif, and smooth. At the very bottom, the new product’s name – “Series S” – is located.

Font and Colors

Xbox Series X & S Emblem

The inscriptions in the logo of the ninth-generation consoles are typed in a unique font named X360. This font is used in the emblems of all gaming consoles developed and released by Microsoft Corporation. In this case, the color palette is monochromatic, consisting of a contrasting combination of black and white.

Xbox Series X & S Symbol