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“No one can do without products from the company,” says the YETI logo. The emblem indicates success, profit, and dominance over competitors. The elements demonstrate the capacity and reliability of the brand’s bags.

YETI: Brand overview

Founder:Ryan and Roy Seiders
Austin, Texas, U.S.
YETI is the abbreviation of the American company YETI Holdings, Inc., which manufactures and sells a wide range of products. Its assortment is dominated by bags of all types (including portable refrigerators and thermoses), dishes, clothes, cooling containers, outdoor paraphernalia, and all kinds of equipment. The founders of the company are the brothers Seiders – Roy and Ryan. In 2006, they organized their own business, within which they decided to provide the population with everything that is necessary for a comfortable trip to nature. The head office of the company is located in Austin, Texas.

Meaning and History

Yeti Logo History

The brothers grew up in the city of Driftwood and were captivated by the Texas landscapes. They spent most of the time in nature because they loved fishing, hunting, hiking, trips to the forest or the river bank. Father Roger Seiders took them everywhere with him, showing how interesting it is to be alone with the beauties of the world around. He was an entrepreneur-inventor and came up with epoxy resin for fishing rods.

Seiders Sr. raised his sons with respect for a good game, unfamiliar territory, and quality equipment. Therefore, Roy and Ryan attached great importance to solid things that did not break on campaigns, withstanding any load. But the tackle boxes, backpacks, dishes, ice boxes, and thermal bags that existed at that time often fell into disrepair. Their fasteners jammed, belts were torn, then the cooling system failed.

Then the brothers decided to manufacture the products of this segment themselves – super-reliable, which will be a help during outdoor recreation, will not break, and will withstand any trip. They had enough technical knowledge for this: Ryan graduated from Texas A&M University in 1996, and Roy graduated from Texas Tech University in 2000. In 2006, together, they created YETI Coolers with one goal in mind: to provide a quality cooler – a thermal bag for drinks and food. This is how a portable soft “refrigerator” appeared, which, during everyday use, did not tear, break or fail, perfectly preserving the contents.

Moreover, entrepreneurs focused not on retailers but serious outdoor activities enthusiasts. They needed a product that could withstand the increased loads on the water, forest, and field. One that you can safely take on hikes in the wilderness of Alaska, to the Gulf Coast, or relaxing in the backyard of your own home. And they made it! Gradually, the range of goods expanded, and the brothers needed their own company. This is how YETI Holdings, Inc. was born.

Yeti Symbol

At first, it was engaged only in producing specialized products, supplying them to retailers. And then Roy and Ryan opened their flagship stores. The first one originated in Chicago, the others in Dallas, Denver, and Florida. Gradually, the brand gained immense popularity and appreciation from customers because it developed the most comfortable mug for field conditions and an improved chair design. Some prestigious publications have called her products “a symbol of the high status of the United States.”

You can see a simple but elegant label on all branded products – the brand name. It is derived from the abbreviated phrase “Yet Everyone Touches It.” Moreover, the brothers decided not to pile up the identity with a mass of decor in order to show the convenience, lightness, and accessibility of everything they produce. Another side of their concept is that external simplicity is hidden behind complex internal mechanisms. After all, outdoor products must be compact and durable. In a word, reliable. It is this aspect that is conveyed in the logo.

The emblem consists of a text part, which, when marking products, can be supplemented with a frame. But it is missing in the official version. The word “YETI” has the same structure, showing strength and stability. For this purpose, the letters were made bold, wide, uppercase, and sans serif. They have everything that is required for the ideological fullness of the brand. The signs are made with confidence and even lines with clear-cut corners, so the name is perceived without flirting with customers. It simply represents the product.

Font and Colors

Yeti Emblem

Even though there is a separate category of fonts with the same name (its author is the designer of the Test Pilot Collective), it has nothing to do with the YETI logo. The word designation is written in upper case in slashed letters to give the impression of absolute reliability.

The signature gamma of the logo is minimalistic. It is limited to just two colors: the background and the symbols. Usually, when marking products, the basic palette is taken into account. If it is white, then the inscription is black, and if it is black, gray, or dark blue, then, in this case, the letters are only white.

YETI color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C