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Yves Rocher Logo

Yves Rocher Logo
Yves Rocher Logo PNG

Yves Rocher is a large cosmetic brand that appeared in 1959 in La Gasilla. Its founder is Yves Rocher, who called the company by his name. Now the company is engaged in producing a wide range of environmentally friendly products for face and body care. At this time, its headquarters are located in the city of Rennes (France).

Meaning and History

Yves Rocher Symbol

The brand’s main focus is on products that do not harm the skin; therefore, it is made only from environmentally friendly raw materials. To do this, she has her botanical garden with free access to everyone. The brand had several logos, but its theme never changed.

The company’s logo reflects its closeness to nature and its choice in favor of natural ingredients. The logo depicts a stylized sprout, which is guessed in white lines on a green background. The emblem features a miniature leaf on a thin stem. It is executed in one unbreakable stroke. In this case, the beginning and end of the lines pass into a white ring surrounding the plant. All elements are arranged in a circle.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Yves Rocher Emblem

The logo contains the brand name written in a strict classic sans serif typeface. All letters are in uppercase. The color scheme includes white and olive.