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Zalman: Brand overview

In 1999, Zalman was born in Seoul, South Korea, founded by Min-Seok Park to solve the problem of computer noise. The company introduced “silent computers” to the market by creating silent PC cooling mechanisms. At the beginning of the 21st century, Zalman expanded its product line to include power supplies, computer cases, laptop coolers, and other accessories.

However, this path was not entirely smooth: in 2014, Zalman ran into financial difficulties and was unable to repay a significant loan. Nevertheless, the company weathered the storm and continues to be a significant player in the PC cooling solutions industry. The company has expanded its reach, with sales and distribution channels spreading globally, including offices in the United States.

Innovation remains the cornerstone of Zalman, with numerous patents for cooling and noise reduction technologies. Some of the company’s most sought-after offerings include its CNPS series CPU coolers, ultra-quiet power supplies, and advanced Reserator water cooling systems. Zalman has not only stayed afloat since its inception but is also a renowned brand in the field of quiet and efficient PC cooling solutions.

Meaning and History

Zalman Logo History

1999 – 2023

Zalman Logo 1999

2023 – today

Zalman Logo

The Zalman logo begins with a composite geometric figure consisting of three rectangles of different lengths cut diagonally. They are arranged in such a way that they form the first letter of the name of the South Korean company. Wide stripes are arranged horizontally, which gives the emblem a dynamic and energetic look. To the right of the emblem is the name of the company, made in straight lowercase letters. The letter “l” has a unique touch: a diagonal notch directed at an upward angle. No other letter in the name has such a notch.

The logo turned out to be playful but, at the same time, businesslike. The rectangles look like they are moving as if the company wants to show that it is always moving forward. And the little notch on the letter “l” looks like it’s winking, saying, “Hey, there’s something else interesting here.” It’s simple, but at the same time, it has its own personality.

Zalman color codes

Dark Navy BlueHex color:#111048
RGB:17 16 72
CMYK:76 78 0 72
Pantone:PMS 274 C