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Zomato Logo

Zomato Logo
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Zomato is an international service for ordering and delivering food to your home or office. It is also a virtual aggregator of restaurant menus from 24 countries, serving over ten thousand cities worldwide. The firm appeared in 2008 as a small home project and gradually grew to become a global food giant. The founders of the startup are Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. The company’s head office is now located in Gurugram, Haryana (India).

Meaning and History

Zomato Logo History
Evolution of the Zomato Logo

The key objective of this service is to help the population get the food they want. Therefore, the site leveraged internet technology, linking those who cook with those who eat. That is, she quickly and confidently declared her presence around the world, highlighting herself with a catchy and bright logo.

According to company representatives, their symbol has progressed along with them. It has six variants of emblems, which differ in fonts, graphics, and backgrounds. However, they are not just a demonstration of the identity of the service. It is also a way of expressing it emotionally in different situations: an early daily breakfast, a Sunday brunch, or a festive family dinner. Taken together, all signs convey the company’s love for food and a constant obsession with it.

The international online menu aggregator envisions the logo to be clear, simple, and legible. Another criterion they adhere to is the integrity of the form. Therefore, management has implemented two modifications representing the branding – text within a simple geometric shape and a separate wordmark.

As a result, the modern emblem was simplified to the maximum: only the background in the form of a red square and the food delivery service’s name remained in it. The ratio of graphics to text is balanced and evenly distributed. The square has rounded corners, and the word “zomato” is made in the same soft style – with smooth transitions, without sharp lines.

The letters are closely spaced to each other – as much as the square space allows. Moreover, the emblem is used in two mirror-opposite forms: a red inscription on a white backing and a white one on a red one. A catchy visual impact is provided in both cases.

The single word mark is considered the primary emblem. It applies to all assets and advertisements, including print, virtual and offline media. The box is used to identify the website and food ordering points.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Zomato Emblem

The Zomato logo uses a typeface that simplifies the sign’s perception by residents of any country in the world. The title is in clean and proportional Sans Serif typeface Metropolis Regular. The variant with bold and slightly slanted letters was used, which well complements the foodservice’s design. Small italics create a welcoming atmosphere.

The company has four corporate colors, two of which are present in the logo. These are Red Cranberry (# E237440) and White Feta (#FFFFFF). Moreover, in the symbols, the red color has a gradient: the upper part is made light, and then it gradually increases; therefore, at the bottom, it turns into a rich dark shade.