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The symbiosis of several companies to create unique drinks is readable in the logo. The union engraved in the AB InBev logo, blended in one vessel, creates the gold standard of brewing. The conglomerate’s brands are loved and known around the world.

AB InBev: Brand overview

Anheuser-Busch InBev SA is an American-Belgian-Brazilian global brewing giant with 28% of the global beer market and a net profit of $10 billion. The giant produces 600 brands of the beverage, including seven international brands, including Belgium’s Stella Artois and the U.S. Budweiser. Anheuser-Busch InBev beer is sold in 150 countries around the world.

Meaning and History

Ab Inbev Logo History

The corporation came into existence through a gradual merger of companies, beginning in 1987 when Belgium’s Stella Artois and Piedboeuf Brewery formed Interbrew. The new company gradually expanded, absorbing smaller operations in Canada, the UK, and Germany, until it merged with Brazil’s largest, AmBev, in 2004. The merger allowed their brainchild, InBev, to become the largest global leader in the beer industry. In 2008, InBev took over the 150-year-old American Anheuser-Busch, which at the time ranked third in the world. The name of the new corporation became a joint name: Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev). The SA prefix appeared after the takeover of SABMiller in 2016, but it is not used in the logo.

The emblem of the concern was initially well thought out and reflected the idea of a joint business. Therefore, subsequent changes to the logo were minor and related to the growth and expansion of Anheuser-Busch InBev.

What is Anheuser-Busch InBev SA?

It is a large brewing giant with $52 billion in sales and 600 brands of beer on the market. It was formed by the merger of InBev, Anheuser-Busch, and SABMiller. The company’s products are distributed in America, Europe and Asia.

2008 – 2016

Anheuser-Busch InBev Logo 2008

Ab InBev strives to create brands that bring people together, as a shared love of their beverage helps build friendships and connections. The company’s first logo embodies the idea of unification. FutureBrand designed it in 2008 during the corporation’s inception.

The Anheuser-Busch symbol is an eagle in a graceful A. The InBev logo is clear, softly rounded letters with an exclamation point in place of the letter I. FutureBrand has transformed and combined these two symbols to create an image that demonstrates unity, growth, and aspiration for the future. The letters AB have retained their clarity when the lettering is combined. They are placed first. This is a tribute to the long history of the brand. And the InBev letters remain clear, flowing, and straightforward, indicating that the company is the main pillar of the corporation. The design emphasized the individuality of each company and, at the same time, showed how they work together.

The eagle (bald eagle) also remained on the logo but in the form of a soaring bird in the upper right corner. Its image carries a great semantic load. The corporation considers itself the company of the century and is focused on producing beer that will be drunk for the next 100 years. The eagle is one of the largest birds in North America, a long-lived bird with strong wings that allow it to soar through the air for a very long time. It forms pairs for life. Since ancient times, this bird has symbolized power, victory, and glory. The soaring eagle on the logo demonstrates:

  • the power and growth of the corporation
  • rise above competitors
  • movement into the future
  • orientation on existence in the centuries
  • partnership for life.

According to AB InBev’s philosophy, the main task of beer is to support the celebration of life. Every bottle should bring pleasure and leave a good impression. This conviction is reflected in the bright and warm colors of the bird.

2016 – 2022

Anheuser-Busch InBev Logo 2016

In 2016, the UK-based SABMiller joined the company, which had been supplying Africa, North America, and Europe. The corporation became a conglomerate of 3 major players in the brewing market. This led to a change in the logo. The image of an eagle was removed from the emblem, as this bird was most associated only with North America and Anheuser-Busch. And the new concern was built on the rights of unity and teamwork.

The letter part of the emblem remained unchanged – the red color of the letters AB and the dark brown inscription InBev. The letters became larger and the colors brighter, indicating the growth of the corporation. The SABMiller symbolism was absent from the 2016 logo.

2022 – today

Anheuser-Busch InBev Logo

In 2022, the past flaw was corrected, and SABMiller was introduced as a third player in the logo. This is reflected in the yellow balloon to the left of the letter part of the logo and a change in the color scheme.

The ball consists of three petals and symbolizes the three players of the team. The petals are of different sizes according to the contribution of each player. The lettering on the logo remains the same but has lost its color variety, becoming completely black. It is no longer a reflection of the two merged companies. This history is in the past, and the concern is ready to move forward.

Font and Colors

AB InBev Emblem

The main colors of the emblem are white, yellow, red, brown, and black.

  • White color – aspiration to new beginnings.
  • Yellow – joy of life, enjoyment of the product.
  • Red – energy, love of what you do, desire for change, resilience. After all, Anheuser bought his brewery when it was on the verge of bankruptcy and not only rebuilt it but made it an industry leader.
  • Brown is a sign of foundation, experience, and a stable central company that has rallied other firms around it.
  • Black – the power and strength of the corporation, its stable position in the market.

AB InBev Symbol

Small serifs and smooth lines of the logo correspond to the Quadrat Serial font. At the same time, the initial letter A is unusually connected to the letter B in an unusual way, demonstrating family continuity (Busch married Anheuser’s daughter, and the brewery was passed down from generation to generation until 2008).

AB InBev Logo Color Codes:

  • Gold Gradient: PMS 110C; HEX #e5b611; CMYK 02-22-100-08; RGB 230-183-17
  • Light Gold: HEX #f5e003; CMYK 7-5-100-0; RGB 245-224-3
  • Black: HEX #000000; CMYK 00-00-00-100; RGB 000-000-000
  • White: HEX #ffffff; CMYK 00-00-00-100; RGB 255-255-255


What does the AB InBev logo mean?

AB InBev’s intricate logo serves several purposes. It depicts the clinking of three beer glasses, signifying a celebratory “hurrah.” In addition, the golden design is reminiscent of barley leaves, a key ingredient in beer making.

What color is the AB InBev emblem?

The AB InBev emblem uses a combination of red and black colors, complemented by yellow and white elements in an eagle design. This combination of colors is meant to convey authority, innovation, and enthusiasm.

What is AB InBev’s new slogan?

AB InBev’s slogan is currently, “We dream big to create a future of more good cheer.”

What is AB InBev known for?

AB InBev, a world leader in brewing, is committed to continuous innovation. The company focuses on the beverage industry and aims to make a lasting positive impact on a global level.

Has AB InBev invested €31 million in technology for brewing non-alcoholic beer?

Just after speculation of a growing non-alcoholic beer market in the UK, AB InBev has announced plans to invest €31m in its Belgian breweries in the Flemish Brabant region to expand its non-alcoholic beer range.

What is AB InBev beer?

AB InBev is a global beverage giant based in Belgium, ranked number one in the world in terms of beer production and revenue. The conglomerate manages an extensive portfolio of more than 600 beer brands present in 150 countries.