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Abadal logo is a tribute to the race car driver Francisco Abadal, who was famous in the early 20th century. He also established the eponymous company and chose an original symbol for the retro-style cars, which adorned their hoods until the company closed in 1930. The triangular emblem as a chevron looks striking due to the massive Roman letters on a black background. The space between the bold symbols is so small that they merge in pairs. Underneath the element, which resembles two horizontal “Y” s, is the word “Buick,” set in a capital font with glyphs of varying heights.

The triangular emblem as a chevron is a distinctive design element that gives the logo a striking appearance. The use of massive Roman letters on a black background enhances this effect, creating a bold and memorable logo.

The small space between the bold symbols, causing them to merge in pairs, adds a unique touch to the design. This design choice creates a sense of unity and cohesion in the logo, reflecting the brand’s commitment to harmony and balance.

The word “Buick,” set in a capital font with glyphs of varying heights, reinforces the brand’s identity. Using varying heights adds a dynamic quality to the design, reflecting the brand’s association with speed and movement.

Abadal: Brand overview

Founded:1912 – 1923
Founder:Francisco Abadal
Abadal, an early Spanish luxury car manufacturer, was founded in Barcelona in 1912 by a renowned Spanish industrialist and engineer, Francisco Abadal.

Abadal’s first model, the Tipo 12, debuted the same year as its establishment. Taking inspiration from Hispano-Suiza, this grand luxury tourer was powered by a 4-cylinder engine and could achieve speeds of over 90 km/h.

In 1916, the company unveiled the Tipo 20, a more potent model boasting a sizable 5.9-liter engine that delivered 120 horsepower. This made it one of the speediest luxury automobiles in Spain at that time.

Abadal was not just known for its mechanical prowess, but it also gained fame for its superior coachbuilding techniques. As a result, it attracted an elite clientele, including Spanish royalty, and saw success in racing tournaments.

However, the economic difficulties that ensued after the First World War rendered the operations of the luxury brand untenable. Despite a successful decade, by 1923, declining sales forced Abadal to cease production. The company has produced around 500 cars throughout its lifespan.

Abadal pioneered the Spanish luxury car industry during the 1910s and 1920s, creating cars that could stand shoulder to shoulder with top-tier Hispano-Suiza and Rolls-Royce models. Nevertheless, it could not withstand the economic pressures of the post-war period.

Meaning and History

Abadal Logo History

1912 – 1930

Abadal Logo

1916 – 1923

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