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Designers who created the Absolut logo embodied their vision of perfection in it. Bold letters look monolithic, like unbreakable pillars supporting the sky. A large dot at the end signifies completeness and usefulness and that Absolut needs no additions. The blue color fits perfectly into the concept, symbolizing vodka’s crystal purity and freshness.

Absolut: Brand overview

Founder:Pernod Ricard
Åhus, Sweden
Absolut is the flagship vodka brand of the Pernod Ricard group. Absolut entered the market in 1879. It represents products produced by the Swedish company Vin & Sprit. It’s the third-largest alcoholic beverage manufacturer after giants like Smirnoff and Bacardi Limited.

Meaning and History

Absolut Logo History

The evolution of the Absolut logoThe alcohol manufacturer relies on the brand’s heritage. The company moved away from a traditional label to emphasize the shape of the glass container, resembling a bottle from a Swedish pharmacy. Thus, the Absolut logo looks exceptionally minimalistic.

The first version of the trademark consists of three lines of inscription. At the top is the brand name, in the middle is the phrase “Country of Sweden,” and below them is the word “Vodka.” In the first and third lines, the letters are bold and sans-serif. The phrase in the center is depicted in an elegant italic font. The brand palette includes two colors: blue and black. A white background complements them.

What is Absolut?

Absolut is a vodka that was born in Sweden in 1897 and introduced to the global market a century later. It is made from the purest water, sourced from underground springs. The second ingredient is high-quality grain alcohol, which undergoes multiple filtrations to achieve a soft taste. The brand offers various types of vodka, including the limited series Absolut Elyx.

In 2014, the brand owners decided that the logo was already well-known, so they simplified it to a single inscription, “Absolut.” This was done to expand the product range without changing the original strategy.

Absolut symbol

“Brand Union,” the company responsible for the redesign, strengthened the brand’s iconic status. They created a simple but stylish logo with a new font. Now, the letters are very closely spaced and stretched vertically. The protruding edges of the letters in the new logo are adorned with short, barely noticeable serifs. By retaining the word “Absolut,” the developers emphasized its duality. On one hand, it means something infinite; on the other, it means something already complete.

Font and Colors

Absolut Emblem

The brand’s original symbol complements the textual logo on the bottles. It resembles a classic round seal in shape. At the center of the graphic symbol is Lars Olsson Smith, the famous creator of Absolut. He was the first in the world to apply the rectification method for purifying alcoholic beverages. The portrait is surrounded by a ring of inscriptions “Sweden Vodka” and “Absolut Since 1879”.

Absolut Logo Color Codes:

Primary color

  • Blue: Hex code: #0000BD; RGB: (0, 0, 189);CMYK: (100, 70, 0, 5); Pantone: PMS 286C

Secondary colors

  • Black: Hex code: #000000; RGB: (0, 0, 0); CMYK: (35, 23, 24, 100); Pantone: Black C
  • White: Hex code: #FFFFFF; RGB: (255, 255, 255); CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0); Pantone: White C