ABT Logo


Large elements, wide lines, and solid strokes – all indicate that the ABT logo reflects the reliability of the brand to which it belongs. It symbolizes sustainable development, confidence in a positive result, and a versatile approach to the entrusted work. In this way, the designers achieved flexible marketing through the simple elements of the identity.

ABT: Brand overview

Founder:Johann Abt
Kempten im Allgäu, Germany
ABT Sportsline is a German company that tunes VAG cars for sports and races. Products are sold on all continents through 50 representative offices. AVT’s profit is about 4 million euros (2020).

Meaning and History

ABT Logo History

When at the end of the 19th century (1896) Johann Abt opened a forge, he did not suspect that it would turn into a tuning workshop (ABT Tuning, 1976) and then into a large company (ABT Sportsline GmbH, 1991). This happened thanks to the love of the founder’s grandson (Johann Abt Jr.) for racing, which he passed on to his children, Christian and Hans-Jürgen, who led the business. Thanks to the many high-profile victories achieved by Johann and Christian on the cars they modernized, ABT has gained worldwide fame.

The company logo has been updated once. At the same time, the overall composition of the upgrades did not take place. Only the coloring has changed.

What is ABT?

A world-famous company, the Abt family business, repurposes cars into racing sports cars and has been located in Allgäu since 1896.


ABT Old Logo

The “tuned” surname of the business owners, the Abt family, was chosen for the logo. The letters in the logo have merged, forming a track with racing turns. The thick black lines bounding the inscription create a clear, closed road line. They indicate the presence of rules and distance. They show that cars tuned by the company never leave the track. The main touring car races in which cars from ABT have succeeded are STW and DTM, taking place in several circles on closed roads.

The letter A is especially highlighted in the name, the first stick of which is very long. She symbolizes:

  • Starting line for the acceleration of sports cars.
  • Class A machines (mass-produced), in which AVT specialized. For tuning, they took the basic models and transformed them: lightening the wheels, changing the suspension to sports ones, adding power to the engine, etc.
  • Audi. It is based on this brand that most of the tuned Sportsline models.

The right side of the upper crossbar T is separated from the whole composition so as not to create a dead end. It, in the form of a separate red rectangle, hints at:

  • Alternating multi-colored rectangles on the inner ring of racing roads.
  • A red racing flag as a stop sign requiring the race to be stopped immediately. A similar symbol, placed beyond the end of the track, conveys the message: “The company never plans to stop. Her cars will be driving circuits for a long time to come.”
  • Red and black flag. The combination is used to mark the end of the qualifying race, which determines the positions of the cars at the start. The badge shows that Sportsline sports cars always qualify successfully.

Three large letters of the logo are made in white. But the central holes A and B are painted over. “A” has a blue triangle at the top, and “B” has a yellow oval at the bottom. Blue is the color of the Volkswagen logo, the cars which were transformed by the company. In particular, the very first successful model that brought fame to the company is from the Golf series. The blue and yellow color of the logo on Seat cars from the time of the formation of ABT Tuning. In this case, the red rectangle “T” points to the Audi logo.

Such designations, combined with white letters in the foreground, represent the essence of the company’s work: to take a car of a certain brand and update it. The colors of the car logos remain in the background.

Below, starting from the protruding edge of the letter A, “Sportsline” is added in smaller print – a sports line. Black stripes of letters visually convey the essence of the word line. The inscription explains the direction of work of the company AVT.


ABT New Logo

The new visual sign retains the previous composition but is made in pure black. The exclusion of all color accents is associated with the renewal of the company’s activities and the logos of partner brands. Seat and Audi opted for black emblems with which AVT has the most active working relationship. Skoda and Volkswagen also use dark shades.

Black is more in line with the color of racing roads. He hints at details, engine oil, and black checkers on the starting flag.

Font and Colors

ABT Emblem

The main color of the emblem is black. This is a symbol of the company’s power, fame, and deep roots. No font fully corresponds to the visual sign. The letters have been specially modified to convey the idea of ​​ABT better. They have changed and become unique, just like the machines that the company works with.

ABT Symbol

ABT Logo Color Codes:

  • Black: Hex code: #000000; RGB: (0, 0, 0); CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 100); Pantone: Process Black