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The Acura logo conveys elite sophistication and technical excellence. The company’s cars do not drive but fly along the highway. The emblem focuses attention on the streamlined shape and high ground clearance. The sign also hints at a full-service package.

Acura: Brand overview

Founded:27 March 1986
Founder:Soichiro Honda
Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Acura is a brand of the Japanese company Honda. Luxury cars are produced under it, which can compete with Infiniti, Lexus, and Buick. The opening of this unit was promising, but in the 1990s, his cars’ demand fell. The manufacturer has had to expand its lineup to include many luxury SUVs and sedans with high-end performance. Major markets are Mexico, Canada, the USA, Kuwait, and most of China.

Meaning and History

Acura Logo History

The brands big-name is the sole merit of the NameLab studio, which was directly involved in creating the word “Acura.” Experienced namers used the Latin morpheme “acu” (from “accuracy”), meaning “accurate” or “accurate” in the original language. The second part (“ra”) doesn’t make any sense – it only simplifies pronunciation and makes the name memorable. The naming studio proceeded from the semantics of the word and used it to express the automobile company’s essence. After all, as you know, Acura is famous for its precise and accurate approach to production. So this is a clever marketing trick designed to attract customers.

Acura was created in 1986 for consumers who lacked status and sophistication in Honda products. The Integra and Legend’s first models were in great demand: they bought more than a hundred thousand cars in just one year. Cars bearing the Acura logo made it to the top despite high prices. Due to the loud popularity, the company decided to add a graphic symbol to its wordmark. The emblem, hinting at a connection to Honda, began to be used in 1990. It was designed for SUVs and sedans and appeared in several color options with a predominance of monochrome silver shades.

What is Acura?

It is a premium brand of the Japanese corporation Honda Motor Co. His cars have become a worthy competitor to prestigious European cars in the US market. Acura is a division of Honda but operates in isolation.

1986 – 1989

Acura Logo 1986-1989

When Honda registered the Acura trademark, it found a way to personalize the new division. The designers have developed a logo with the words “ACURA,” which adorned luxury cars. The typography was based on a stylized sans serif and rounding font. For the word, capitalized bold letters with a large number of corners were used. The distance between the symbols was minimal but sufficient for the brand name to be easily read.

1989 – today

Acura Logo 1989-present

In 1990, the exotic NSX sports car was released. And not long before that, the company acquired a new symbol that complemented its wordmark. The current logo consists of a stylized letter “A” similar to the capital “H,” which underlines the inextricable link between the automaker Honda and its subsidiary Acura.

The A-shaped figure resembles a caliper in its shape, or rather a jaw with a fixed bar for internal measurements. This is no coincidence because this tool is associated with precision and helps engineers in their work. “A” is inside the non-proportional rounded square and touches its borders at four points (two at the top and two at the bottom). The name of the brand is written at the very bottom. The font remained the same – the designers decided not to change it to associate the new symbol with the old wordmark.

It is worth noting that after the first presentation of the Soichiro emblem, Honda was unhappy with the result. During the development of the initial version, no one consulted with him. After all, the creator and owner of Honda wanted to make the letter “A” look like an “H.” There was no such similarity due to the lack of a small horizontal bar. The specialists had to redo the design and add the missing line. All badges with the “wrong” design made by that time were eliminated.

Acura: Interesting Facts

Acura, Honda’s luxury division, has greatly impacted cars since it started.

  1. First Japanese Luxury Brand in the U.S.: In 1986, Acura became the first Japanese luxury car brand in the United States. This opened the door for other Japanese brands to launch their luxury divisions.
  2. The NSX: In 1990, Acura launched the NSX, a car that stood out for its all-aluminum body and V6 engine with VTEC technology, showing off Acura’s innovative engineering.
  3. Brand Philosophy: Acura focuses on “Precision Crafted Performance,” aiming to provide a perfect mix of performance, technology, and quality in their cars, from sedans to SUVs and sports cars.
  4. All-Wheel Drive Tech: Acura leads in all-wheel-drive technology with its Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™, which improves performance and safety by adjusting power distribution between the wheels.
  5. In-Dash Navigation: The 1996 Acura RL was the first in North America to have an in-dash, satellite-linked navigation system, setting a new standard for car tech.
  6. Safety and Assistance Tech: Acura is dedicated to safety, offering AcuraWatch™ in its cars, which includes adaptive cruise control, collision braking system, and lane-keeping assist.
  7. Motorsports: Acura is involved in sports car racing, competing in championships like the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and showcasing its cars’ performance.
  8. Eco-friendly Cars: Acura is working on being more environmentally friendly, offering models like the RLX Sport Hybrid and the NSX supercar with efficient and powerful hybrid powertrains.
  9. Design Studios: Acura’s design studios in California focus on innovative vehicle design. The Acura Precision Concept car, introduced in 2016, shows the future of Acura’s design direction.
  10. Beyond Cars: Acura also sponsors music festivals, film projects, and sporting events, showing their commitment to luxury lifestyles beyond just cars.

Since 1986, Acura has been pushing luxury, performance, and technology forward in the car industry.

Font and Colors

Acura Emblem

The Acura brand name has at least three meanings. First of all, it is “A” – the first letter of an automobile brand’s name. Secondly, the stylized symbol is very similar to the capital “H” that begins Honda’s word. The developers specifically noted this feature to emphasize the connection between the two companies. And according to the official explanation, the logo represents the measuring part of the caliper. In this case, it symbolizes the high quality of luxury sedans and SUVs. Some car enthusiasts believe that the two-piece figure is like compass arrows that point the right way.

The font used for “ACURA” is similar to the NSX or NSX 2.6 typefaces. They were designed by Bill Pierce based on the typography of the automotive brand. Interestingly, the lowercase “a” in the NSX 2.6 is identical to the Acura emblem above the company name.

Acura Symbol

In addition to an exclusive and recognizable typeface, color plays an important role in the logo. Black symbolizes strength, sophistication, and elegance, white – purity and confidence. And in Japanese culture, white is the color of perfection and integrity. On cars, the badge is completely silver to show the texture of the metal.

Acura Logo Color Codes:

  • Black: Hex code: #000000; RGB: 0, 0, 0; CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100; Pantone: PMS Process Black C
  • White: Hex code: #FFFFFF; RGB: 255, 255, 255; CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0


What does the Acura logo mean?

The Acura logo contains the capital letter ‘A’ stylized as a caliper. This measuring tool is associated with the brand name because the prefix ‘acu’ denotes accuracy. The symbol is placed in a ring and complemented by the word ‘ACURA.’

How did Acura get its logo?

The current Acura logo was designed shortly before the release of the exotic NSX sports car. It took a little longer to be created than planned because Honda’s owner did not like the original design, and it had to be redesigned.

Is Acura a luxury car?

Yes, the cars of this brand do belong to the premium class. Like any other vehicles of this segment, they are notable for high performance, luxurious design, and increased comfort.

Is Acura owned by Honda?

The Acura luxury brand was created as a division of The Honda Motor Company, Ltd.