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All the attention should be directed to the AECOM logo – the building-engineering company instills this idea in its clients. And this marketing mechanism works perfectly because the corporation became a leader in the international market. A monolithic, powerful and dynamic logo inspires confidence in potential customers.

AECOM: Brand overview

Dallas, Texas, U.S.
AECOM is one of the world’s largest construction, technology, and engineering corporations headquartered in Dallas, with a net income of up to $200 million.

Meaning and History

Aecom Logo History

Aecom’s origins date back to a 1910 drilling station that grew into the Ashland Oil & Refining Company. In 1966, the company, in addition to oil production, added the construction business, asphalting roads, then oil refining and engineering services. Therefore, in 1985, it changed its name to Ashland Technology Corporation. In 1990, the oil refining business was spun off into a separate company, and all developments related to technology, construction, and engineering were united under the common name AECOM.

The company logo has always been the company’s name with stylized letters. It has changed twice to reflect the development of the corporation.

What is Acom?

American corporation engaged in various activities in the fields of architecture, design, landscape, management, planning, commissioning and decommissioning, consulting, etc. Its clients are enterprises in 150 countries, and its revenue reaches 20 billion dollars.

1990 – 2009

Aecom Logo 1990

In 1990, AECOM spun off from a parent company with a rich history. And her first logo pointed to this process. It was a vertical gray line followed by the newly acquired name in blue capital letters.

The dividing line indicated a new start for the company, its separation from the parent company, and movement in a new direction. The wall seemed to put a barrier between the past and the future and gave a starting point. The gray color indicated something taken for granted, arising from the past. He hinted at the gray asphalt of the roads, the moment at which the roads diverge from the old corporation.

For the new company, the trait symbolizes the wall, related to architecture and construction.

The name AECOM on the logo was an attempt to cover all the areas of activity that the company planned to deal with. And it represented, in fact, an abbreviation:

  • A – architectural business (Architecture),
  • E – engineering (Engineering),
  • C – design, construction (Construction),
  • O – operation, production activities (Operations),
  • M – management, management (Management).

The company could design, build and launch production of any complexity. Active acquisition of small companies in the service sector (8 firms, several individual engineers, and architects in 10 years) strengthened the position of AECOM.

The blue color symbolizes the sky, the tops of constructed buildings, the movement towards dreams, and the implementation of plans. The new company planned to rise to the heights, and it succeeded.

2009 – 2015

Aecom Logo 2009

In 2007, AECOM went public and began selling shares, resulting in a nearly $500 million capital inflow. Which, together with profits, were used to purchase five large firms in the field of consulting, engineering and construction. Representing an international corporation, the giant changed the logo to a more solid one corresponding to the current situation.

The new version was still an abbreviated name but in larger, massive black letters. The image of the wall was removed; the company had already moved far away from its parent company.

The name was distinguished by a stylized letter E, placed without a vertical line in the form of three stripes of different lengths. The middle horizontal line is in blue-green as a gradient. Three traits indicated three main areas of activity: consulting, engineering, and construction. They were a symbol of floors, starting platforms, on which the company climbed up, taking more and more serious positions.

The combination of blue and green symbolizes growth in the field of exact sciences, planning, and management, a logical approach. The company’s strength is constantly fueled by growth and the infusion of new resources.

2015 – today

Aecom Logo

The acquisition of URS Corporation makes AECOM the largest engineering company globally. To emphasize its power and globality, the corporation changed its logo, removing a colored fragment from it. Now the visual sign is a black monolith, demonstrating the solidity and achievement of the desired pinnacle. The stylization of E has been preserved as a reminder of the steps that were overcome on the way to the top. The stripes are also a reflection of the individual components of the business.

Font and Colors

Aecom Emblem

The main color of the emblem is black. Demonstrates large size, world fame, and power. The corporation has practically no competitors left.

Aecom Symbol

The font corresponds to Twentieth Century Pro Extra Bold Italic, but with a modified E. Capital letters and their massiveness emphasize the power of the company. A slight tilt to the right indicates movement into the future.

AECOM color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C