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Aero: Brand overview

Founded in 1929 in Prague, Aero is a former car manufacturer from Czechoslovakia. The company was founded by Dr. Cabes, who had already excelled in aircraft and car building. From the beginning, Aero specialized in the production of luxury and sports cars, preferring to use reliable inline 6-cylinder engines sourced from renowned automakers such as Walter and Mercedes-Benz.

Aero was recognized for its beautiful convertible bodies and custom interiors made in the company’s aircraft woodworking plant. During the 1930s, Aero produced a number of new models, including the Type 30, 50, 218, and 662, aimed at the wealthy.

However, with the outbreak of World War II, Aero was forced to refocus its production on military vehicles. After the war, the company tried to resume car production but faced new problems. After the communist takeover in Czechoslovakia, Aero’s factories were nationalized, which led to a halt in car production in 1947.

During its nearly two decades of operation, Aero produced about 2,500 cars. Today, the company’s luxury custom cars from the interwar period are highly sought after by collectors. They are regarded as shining examples of Czech automotive craftsmanship of the period.

Meaning and History

Aero Logo History

1919 – 1947

Aero Logo

When creating the logo for the now-defunct Czechoslovak company, the designers emphasized airiness. Airiness and lightness are felt in every detail: smooth lines, rounded letters, thin strokes, soft curves. The transition between the letters “A” and “e” depicts a miniature heart, which gives the emblem a friendly character. The inscription used cursive font, imitating smooth handwriting. In addition, instead of the capital letter, “A” is used in lowercase, which gives the symbol even more airiness.

This tiny heart is a secret greeting from the company, making you feel welcome as soon as you see it. And because the letters look like they were written quickly but beautifully, it gives the impression that the company is looking forward to meeting you. Using a lowercase “a” instead of an uppercase letter also looks playful. It kind of says, “Hey, we’re not too formal, we’re fun and casual!”.