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Airpink: Brand overview

In the early 2000s, a group of enterprising individuals from Belgrade envisioned a specialized airline that could serve VIP clients and offer flexible, on-demand aircraft rentals. Their vision came to fruition with the establishment of Airpink, officially registered on May 28, 2004, with its headquarters in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade. Founders Željko Mitrović, Aleksandar Ilić, and Vladan Rakić initially funded and guided the airline.

After securing the necessary licenses and certifications, Airpink’s journey began in earnest in October 2004, with its inaugural charter flight to Vienna using a rented Cessna Citation CJ2+ jet. Initially focusing on VIP transportation for top corporate executives across the Balkans, Central, and Eastern Europe, Airpink quickly made a name for itself in the luxury air travel niche market.

By 2005, the airline expanded its fleet to include three business jets: two Cessna Citations (Bravo and Encore) and a Learjet 60 by 2006. This expansion enabled Airpink to offer enhanced services and comfort to its discerning clientele. Between 2007 and 2009, the company’s reach extended into Western Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, further bolstered by adding larger aircraft such as the Bombardier Challenger 604 and the Dassault Falcon 2000EX.

Airpink achieved a significant milestone in 2011, reaching operational profitability and conducting around 900 charter flights annually across 50 countries. By this time, the fleet had grown to seven sophisticated business jets. In 2014, Mitrović and Ilić took a decisive step by buying out their third partner’s share, becoming the company’s sole owners. The headquarters moved to a new facility at Belgrade Airport, cementing Airpink’s presence in the heart of Serbia.

Airpink is a recognized leader in business aviation in Southeastern Europe. Its fleet includes eight jets, including Challenger, Falcon, Citation, and Learjet models. The company continues to specialize in bespoke air charters, VIP flights for business leaders, and coordinating logistics for corporate events. Its primary service areas remain Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and North Africa, but it operates worldwide as needed.

Under the continuous leadership of Mitrović and Ilić, who maintain full ownership, Airpink has thrived for nearly two decades, carving out a prominent position in the growing business aviation market in the region.

Meaning and History

Airpink Logo History

What is Airpink?

It is a small Japanese charter airline based in Tokyo. It provides exclusive and personalized air transportation services for affluent and discerning clients. The carrier operates an elegant fleet of business jets, including aircraft like the Cessna Citation and Gulfstream. These aircraft feature luxurious interiors and top-notch amenities to ensure maximum comfort and privacy during the flight.

2004 – today

Airpink Logo

The Airpink logo is a stylized infinity symbol resembling a horizontal figure eight, a maneuver in aerobatics. This sign indicates the pilots’ high professional qualities, reliability, experience, and skill. The bright pink color corresponds to the meaning of the company name, which is located next to it and is made in a dark gray shade. The bold font speaks of strength and durability, as the solid letters seem stable.

The infinity sign also symbolizes endless possibilities and constant growth – qualities the airline desires. The bright pink color complements the company name and gives it a modern and original feel. The dark gray letters of the company name create a contrast that increases visibility and adds sophistication. The use of bold type emphasizes the company’s commitment to strength and durability.


Who is the owner of Airpink?

Željko Mitrović and Aleksandar Ilić each own 50% of Airpink. Mitrović, known for his media ventures, owns his share through Pink Media Group. Their equal ownership allows them to guide Airpink’s strategies directly.

Recently, Airpink has been looking to grow. Last September, they announced a new plan to offer low-cost scheduled flights, a big change from their usual business of charter flights. By doing this, they hope to reach more customers by providing cheaper travel options without giving up their high-end services. This move shows Airpink’s willingness to adapt and grow in the airline industry.