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Airpink: Brand overview

Airpink, a private charter airline from Serbia, provided services from 2004 until its disbandment in 2012. Based in Belgrade, the company mainly provided charter flights from Serbia to various popular vacation destinations in Europe.

Airpink was established by Pink Media Group as part of its strategy to diversify and expand into the aviation industry. The company had a modest fleet of Boeing 737 airplanes with a maximum number of economy-class seats.

The airline had a list of attractive destinations, such as Antalya, Barcelona, Rhodes, Tivat, Sharm El Sheikh, etc. Under contract with well-known tour operators in Serbia and Europe, it operated charter flights for vacationers.

Unfortunately, in 2012, after eight years of operation, Airpink ceased operations, primarily due to growing competition from other charter airlines. In its heyday, the airline carried more than 250,000 passengers a year, targeting specifically those going on vacation.

Airpink had a team of around 200 employees, including pilots, flight attendants, operations staff, and maintenance engineers. At the time of its closure in 2012, it was the only Serbian airline operating charter flights.

Meaning and History

Airpink Logo History

2004 – today

Airpink Logo

The Airpink logo is a stylized infinity symbol resembling a horizontal figure eight, a maneuver in aerobatics. This sign indicates the high professional qualities, reliability, great experience, and skill of the pilots. The bright pink color corresponds to the meaning of the company name, which is located next to it and is made in a dark gray shade. The bold font speaks of strength and durability, as the solid letters seem to be stable.

The infinity sign also symbolizes endless possibilities and constant growth – qualities desired by the airline. The bright pink color complements the company name and gives it a modern and original feel. The dark gray letters of the company name create a contrast that increases visibility and adds sophistication. The use of bold type emphasizes the company’s commitment to strength and durability.