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Aiways: Brand overview

Founded in 2017 by Fu Qian and Gu Feng, Aiways is a pioneering Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup headquartered in Shanghai. The brand name comes from the phrase “Ai on the way,” where “Ai,” a word meaning love in Chinese, illustrates the company’s passion for automobiles.

At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Aiways unveiled its debut model, the U5 electric crossover SUV. On the international market, the U5 appeared a year later; its sales began in Europe. This model is equipped with a 63 kWh battery and has a range of about 250 kilometers. It is equipped with advanced features such as a lane-keeping system, traffic jam assistance system, and voice control based on artificial intelligence.

In 2021, Aiways will expand its lineup with the U6 electric coupe SUV, which will have a sportier design and high performance. Aiways has entered into strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Bosch, Faurecia, and CATL to optimize the vehicle development and manufacturing process.

With plans to increase production capacity in China, the company has set itself ambitious targets, aiming to sell more than 100,000 electric vehicles a year within a few years. Aiways stands among a number of ambitious Chinese EV startups looking to make their mark on the global electric vehicle scene.

Meaning and History

Aiways Logo History

2017 – today

Aiways Logo

A Chinese automobile manufacturer has chosen an unusual logo for itself. It is based on a name that demonstrates a friendly attitude to customers. “Ai” is translated from Chinese as “love,” and “way” means “road” or “path” in English. Thus, it kind of says, “Love is on its way/on the road.” However, the inscription uses a unique font: it is flat, wide, and fragmented. There are only horizontal and vertical lines in this font; there are no diagonals at all. The design at the top resembles a tire tread and consists of clear black rectangles.

The logo is an interesting mix of East and West with Chinese and English words. The tire tread at the top brings to mind the idea of a journey as if you are setting off on a journey of love. The font looks different like it’s made of bricks, which makes you memorize it. It’s not loud or shouty; it’s just different in a good way.