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The Aiways logo, a product of a Chinese automaker, is a unique emblem that cleverly incorporates the brand’s name and philosophy. The name “Aiways” is a combination of the Chinese word “Ai,” meaning “love,” and the English word “ways,” symbolizing a journey or path. This combination suggests that “love is on the way” or “love is in the journey,” a sentiment that reflects the company’s commitment to its customers.

The logo’s design is based on this name, but it’s rendered in an unusual font that adds a distinctive touch to the overall design. The typography is flattened, wide, and fragmented, characterized by horizontal and vertical lines with no diagonals. This font choice gives the logo a modern, dynamic, and forward-looking feel, aligning with the brand’s innovative approach to automobile manufacturing.

Above the brand name is a design resembling a tire’s tread composed of distinct black rectangles. This element reinforces the automotive theme and adds a sense of movement and progress to the logo, symbolizing the brand’s continuous journey toward excellence and innovation in the automotive industry.

Aiways: Brand overview

Founded: 2017
Founder: Fu Qiang, Gu Feng
Shanghai, China
Founded in 2017 by Fu Qiang and Gu Feng, Aiways is a pioneering Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup headquartered in Shanghai. The brand name originates from the phrase “Ai on the way,” where ‘Ai,’ a word signifying love in Chinese, illustrates the company’s passion for automobiles.

In 2019, Aiways unveiled its debut model, the U5 electric crossover SUV, at the Shanghai Auto Show. The international market tasted the U5 a year later, with sales starting in Europe. This model houses a 63 kWh battery, boasting a range of approximately 250 miles. It has advanced features like lane keep assist, traffic jam assist, and AI-based voice controls.

In 2021, Aiways broadened its lineup with the U6 electric coupe SUV, a model leaning more towards a sporty design and performance. Aiways has strategically partnered with industry giants such as Bosch, Faurecia, and CATL to streamline its vehicle development and production.

With plans to boost its production capacity in China, the firm has set ambitious targets, aiming to sell over 100,000 electric vehicles annually within a few years. Aiways stands among several ambitious Chinese EV startups looking to leave their mark on the global stage of electric mobility.

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