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The Alpina logo is a prototype of the wheel of fortune. The badge indicates the flawless operation of the engine and the precise fit of the parts to achieve perfection in riding. The sign symbolizes the combination of components for long and high-speed races.

Alpina: Brand overview

Founder:Burkard Bovensiepen
Buchloe, Germany
Alpina is a tuning company that has partnered with Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. It develops improved versions of cars, and production is carried out in BMW’s factories. However, all models created by her are branded with the Alpina brand, not BMW.

Meaning and History

Alpina Logo History

According to official figures, Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1965. However, the prerequisites for its appearance arose much earlier – back in 1962, when Burkard Bovensiepen from the industrial dynasty invented the Weber double carburetor. BMW executives appreciated the new part and immediately certified its quality.

It is worth noting that Burkard did not initially plan to associate his life with spare parts. At first, he was engaged in typewriters’ manufacture and then tried to switch to textile fibers’ processing, but all were unsuccessful. As a result, the entrepreneur devoted most of his time to tuning cars, for which he allocated an outbuilding at a factory for the production of typewriters.

What is Alpina?

Alpina began as a manufacturer of typewriters, but in 1965 turned into a tuning business: Burkard Bovensiepen registered an enterprise under the name Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co. KG and took up the modernization of BMW cars. Since 1983, improved vehicles have been produced exclusively under the Alpina brand, although BMW services them under warranty.

Burkard commissioned a logo specifically for the tuning business that would shed light on what his company does. The designers created a round silver badge with a wide black ring around the edge. The ring is surrounded by two light stripes and bears the inscription “ALPINA” in the upper half. The brand name is visible thanks to the bold capital letters.

The emblem inside is similar to the classic coat of arms; although of the heraldic elements, there is only a shield. It has an irregular shape, including a sharp corner at the bottom and two ridges at the edges. The shield is vertically divided into two equal segments: red (left) and dark blue (right) – a thin black stripe runs between them, which merges with the outline of the same color. The red half shows the Weber twin carburetor, the first Alpina development for BMW. And on the right is the crankshaft, another detail that allows the increased power of BMW engines. By the way, the logo appeared in 1967, two years after the founding of the tuning company.

Alpina: Interesting Facts

Alpina is a car company with a special connection to BMW, making high-end cars that have been limited since 1965.

  1. Starting Small: It began in a garage by Burkard Bovensiepen, making BMW cars faster by tweaking parts like carburetors and crankshafts.
  2. BMW’s Partner: BMW sees Alpina as more than just a tuner; it’s recognized as a car manufacturer. This means Alpina gets special access to BMW’s designs and keeps the cars under warranty.
  3. Rare and Unique: Alpina makes just a few cars each year, ensuring each one is special. These cars often have custom options that are not found on regular BMWs.
  4. Tech Innovators: Alpina was one of the first to use electronic fuel injection and has made many other tech advancements to improve performance, look sleek, and feel luxurious inside its cars.
  5. Racing Roots: With a history in racing, especially in the 1970s, Alpina designs its cars to be fast and comfortable for everyday driving.
  6. Signature Looks: You can spot an Alpina with specific Blue and Green colors, decorative stripes, and unique wheel designs.
  7. Breaking Records: Alpina has set world records, such as having the fastest sedan in the early ’90s.
  8. Luxury Inside: The inside of an Alpina car is all about luxury, with top-notch materials, custom leather, and exclusive designs.
  9. Worldwide but Limited: Alpina cars are available in only a few places, such as Europe, North America, and Japan, making them even more desirable.
  10. Embracing Electric: As the world moves towards electric cars, Alpina is starting to include electric and hybrid options while keeping its commitment to performance and luxury.

In short, Alpina’s blend of performance, luxury, and exclusivity has made it a respected name in the car world, building sought-after BMW versions that car lovers dream of owning.

Font and Colors

Alpina Emblem

The heraldic shape of the badge underlines Alpina’s commitment to tradition. Simultaneously, modern design solutions combined with a three-dimensional effect embody the desire for future technologies. But the parts shown on the billboard remind us: Alpina is not an independent car manufacturer. The company is committed to improving BMW cars’ performance and marketing them under its brand, replacing the traditional BMW symbol with its emblem.

The inscription is visible thanks to the capital letters. Still, the quality of its readability is reduced due to the disproportion: the characters are stretched horizontally and lined up in the form of an arch. The situation is improved by the fact that the designers used a sans-serif font. By the way, the width of the lines in the word approximately coincides with the silvery rings’ thickness bordering the frame on the emblem.

Alpina Symbol

In some cases, silver can be replaced with white for easier printing. The palette also includes other colors: classic black (at the top – with a black-to-gray gradient), red and blue. The last two are presented in rather dark shades and divide the shield into equal parts. From the fact that these colors are used in the heraldic structure, they may have a hidden meaning associated with cars’ manufacture.


Why is Alpina so special?

The brand focuses on luxury and comfort while delivering high performance. Alpina is special for several reasons compared to BMW M:

  • Touring Comfort: cars are designed for long-distance comfort, making them perfect for drivers who want high performance with a smooth ride.
  • Higher Torque: vehicles have higher torque, which provides powerful acceleration and better performance at lower RPMs.
  • Unique Transmissions: uses its own shiftable ZF automatic transmissions, ensuring smooth and precise shifting without requiring manual or semi-automatic options.
  • Exclusive Design: cars feature unique design elements like special wheels, body kits, and interior finishes. The craftsmanship includes hand-stitched leather and high-quality materials, adding to the brand’s exclusivity and luxury.
  • Limited Production: The company produces a limited number of cars each year, which makes them highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Personalization: offers extensive customization options, allowing buyers to tailor their cars to their tastes.

What does Alpina mean in BMW?

Alpina is an independent car manufacturer that creates high-performance vehicles based on BMW models. Located in Buchloe, about 60 miles from Munich, works closely with BMW.

The brand designs and makes specialized parts, which are then sent to a BMW factory. These parts are used in the assembly line to build the cars. Once completed, the cars are returned to the company for final touches and customization.

The cars’ unique design elements, enhanced performance, and superior craftsmanship set them apart from standard BMW models.

What does the Alpina logo mean?

The logo, a round shield split into two halves, is rich in meaning and reflects the brand’s engineering heritage.

On the right side, there is a crankshaft. This symbolizes Alpina’s focus on increasing engine power and performance and shows its engineering expertise.

On the left side are twin-pipe air intakes from the Weber carburetor. This represents brand history, as the Weber carburetor was one of their first developments for modifying BMW engines.

What is the font of the Alpina logo?

The logo uses a bold sans-serif typeface that is unique and custom-made. The letters are flattened and elongated horizontally, giving them a distinct and modern look.

This custom typeface highlights the brand’s individuality and commitment to high-quality design. The bold and clean lines reflect Alpina’s focus on precision and performance. The customized font helps the logo stand out, adding to the brand’s exclusive identity.