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As soon as the brand’s flag is waved, the brand’s cars will rush along the race tracks, the emblem says. The Alpine logo indicates the technical equipment that allows you to develop the speed of “flight” and achieve good competition results.

Alpine: Brand overview

Founded:22 June 1955
Founder:Jean Rédélé
Dieppe, France
Alpine (full name Société des Automobiles Alpine SAS) is a French automotive company that develops, manufactures, and markets sports and racing cars. Its founder is Jean Rédélé, who opened a company in Dieppe in 1954. She almost immediately became successful in motorsport, using the Renault 4CV car produced after World War II. In general, it was very closely associated with the Renault brand, so it is not surprising that in 1973 a large corporation bought this young company. Three years later, their sports departments merged, and in 1995, production of Alpine was stopped altogether. But in 2017, the brand was relaunched, which coincided with the release of the Alpine A110 sports car.

Meaning and History

Alpine Logo History

Driving the Renault 4CV sports car that forms the basis of the brand’s product range, driver Jean Rédélé has won several significant races. Among them are Coupe des Alpes and Mille Miglia. As he gained experience in driving a car, he designed many versions of it. For example, the manufacturer produced a model with a five-speed gearbox instead of a three-speed one and a lightweight fiberglass body. In the early 50s, the author successfully ran them at the Sebring and Le Man’s races.

As a result, inspired by the victories, Rédélé opened its sports and raced car production facility, naming the brand after the victory as Coupe des Alpes. However, this name caused serious problems for the founder because he did not know that the Sunbeam Alpine sports coupe based on the Sunbeam Talbot was presented in the UK in 1953. But this confusion with the names of the brands did not confuse the Frenchman, and he used the name of his company to develop the original logo. And the company had three of them.

What is Alpine?

Alpine is the short name for the company Société des Automobiles Alpine SAS. It is a French sports car manufacturer, producing vehicles suitable for both racing and daily use. It was established in 1955 and released several lightweight and agile models before leaving the market in 1995. In 2017, the Renault Group revived the iconic brand, allowing it to continue creating high-tech cars with sophisticated designs.

1954 – 1976

Alpine Logo 1954-1976

The very first emblem set the tone for creativity, which the creators successfully reflected in it. Despite the confusion with the English car brand, the French brand did not rename the sports car but marked it with a personal badge, predetermining the corresponding style of all subsequent production. The debut logo features a stylized “A” in a unique design. This is emphasized by the metallic notes reflected in the reflections of the frame, a noble palette, and clear lines.

The centerpiece is the capital letter taken from the company name. It is written obliquely and supplemented by an original crossbar in a long strip with a hooked point at the end. The left leg “A” is at the front and is a diagonal line of medium thickness. This gives the letter a tilt. The text symbol is at the top on a white background. In the second half (bottom), painted in soft blue, the full name of the trademark is presented. There are slight gray shadows on the right side, just like the border. They add a metallic shade to the emblem of the automotive brand.

1976 – 2017

Alpine Logo 1976-2017

In 1976, the transport manufacturer decided to move away from 3D and metallic paints in the logo, so they approved the 2D version, adding a few details. So, in the center, three chrome stripes were running horizontally. On them is the large letter “A” in the form in which it was presented earlier. The white side of the logo increased in the area, and the blue side, accordingly, decreased – only one-fourth of it remained.

In addition, the designers made the circle an oval and replaced the metalized frame with a wide light gray stripe, where the full name of the automaker was placed. They also removed the edging of the central symbol. Moreover, the developers added two miniature flags of France on the sides and also replaced the thin font with a bold sans serif.

2017 – today

Alpine Logo 2017-present

The current logo does not contain unnecessary elements since the authors focused on minimalism. They removed all the insignificant details from it and left only the curly “A.” The shape of the letter is the same as that presented in the opening variation. She has become a symbol of individual identity. The designers tried to preserve the corporate palette.

Alpine: Interesting Facts

Alpine, founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé in Dieppe, France, is a well-known name in sports and racing cars, famous for its agility and success in rally racing.

  1. Beginnings: Alpine got its name from Jean Rédélé’s victories in the Alpine Rally with his Renault cars, showing the brand’s early focus on high-performance mountain racing.
  2. Partnership with Renault: Using many Renault parts, Renault fully acquired Alpine in 1973, blending Alpine’s sports car skills with Renault’s vast resources.
  3. Rally Dominance: Known for ruling rally racing in the 60s and 70s, especially with the Alpine A110, which won the first World Rally Championship in 1973.
  4. The Iconic A110: Launched in 1961, the A110 is celebrated for its lightweight, speed, and agility, making it a rally legend and a classic among car lovers.
  5. A110’s Comeback: In 2017, Alpine brought back the A110 with a modern twist that keeps the original’s spirit alive, earning high praise for its design and performance.
  6. Unique Dieppe Factory: Alpine’s cars are made in a specialized factory in Dieppe, known for its skilled workers and the production of high-performance Renault models.
  7. Broad Motorsport Achievements: Alpine has excelled in rally and endurance racing, including winning classes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
  8. Step into Formula 1: In 2021, Alpine entered Formula 1 by rebranding Renault’s F1 team, showcasing its commitment to top-tier motorsport.
  9. Luxury and Performance: Alpine blends high performance with French luxury, making cars known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  10. Electrification Plans: Alpine is moving towards electric cars, aligning with the auto industry’s shift towards sustainability and innovation.

Alpine’s evolution from a small French car maker to a legendary sports car brand and a Formula 1 competitor highlights its passion for speed, innovation, and excellence. As the automotive world changes, Alpine continues to capture the imagination of car fans and racers globally.

Font and Colors

Alpine Emblem

Alpine’s identity is an example of the transition from complex to simple. While the earlier versions had many small details, the later (current) versions do not have them at all. The capital “A” remains dominant in individual design: with a diagonal right leg and a crossbar in the form of a long hook.

Alpine Symbol

The debut logo uses a typeface as close as possible to Howie’s Funhouse Regular from KozacDesign studio. It is a sleek sans serif typeface with rounded ends. In the modern version, there is no inscription. But the color scheme is more constant: in all emblems, there is blue. Another logo presents the palette of the national flag of France – a combination of red, blue, white.

Alpine color codes

French BlueHex color:#0070c1
RGB:0 112 193
CMYK:100 42 0 24
Pantone:PMS 285 C