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The diversity of the product range is the main idea expressed by the Altria logo. It focuses on the impeccable quality, attractiveness, and breadth of emotions of the offered products. The logo has become the key to the high popularity of branded products.

Altria: Brand overview

Henrico County, Virginia, U.S.
Altria is an American tobacco company founded in 1985. The brand originally operated under the name Philip Morris. Given the company’s popularity worldwide, Altria also decided to produce e-cigarettes and wine. Although Altria’s history goes back a little more than 30 years, its roots can be traced to 1835. That’s when Phillip Morris was founded, which is the ancestor of Altria. The company’s headquarters is located in the U.S. city of Henrico, Virginia. The brand name itself received only in 2002.

Meaning and History

Altria Logo History

Until 2003, the Philip Morris Company logo was used. Redesign, under the new name, appeared almost immediately. It should be noted that the company’s logo should be associated with various popular brands, the rights to which are owned by Philip Morris, including Kraft Foods. The updated version of the logo was created by designers from Landor Associates. Landor creative director Richard Brandt said the company’s products were used as the basis for the logo.

What is Altria?

It is a tobacco company known far beyond the United States, and its products are available to customers in more than 100 countries around the world. We are talking about millions of dollars in revenue every day.

1985 – 2003

Philip Morris Companies Logo 1985

For the first 18 years, the classic Philip Morris logo was used. It depicted an oval frame with two letters “PM” drawn in white letters on a red background. A unique and modern style was used for this inscription. The italicized letters look interesting and attractive. The oval frame has gold outlines in addition to the red fill. At the top was a crown, which directly indicated the aristocratic nature of the products produced by the company. On the two sides of the frame are two horses, one of which also had a crown on his head. These proud animals were not chosen by chance, as it is horses historically considered a symbol of British traditions. They stand on two hooves, and two of them support the emblem. Special attention should be paid to the tassel tail, which looks friendly and playful. They stand on a ribbon with an arc-shaped line in the middle, where it says “Philip Morris” in white capital letters on a gold background. At the bottom, below the logo, there is also another inscription, namely Philip Morris Companies, inc.

2003 – today

Altria Logo

The current logo was introduced, as mentioned above, in 2003. It represents the name of the company and the emblem. The latter is 25 multi-colored squares, including blue, red, orange, brown, etc. In this way, Landor Associates tried to show the diversity of the company’s products. The proximity of the squares directly indicates the close relationship between the products. Many experts, such as Michael Berut of Pentagram, note that the vagueness of the logo plays to the company’s advantage, as the abstraction makes customers interested to know what exactly it offers. The name “Altria” is in a classic sans serif font using dark blue letters with rounded corners. The lettering looks appropriate and doesn’t contrast too much with the logo.

Font and Colors

Altria Emblem

The company’s name was chosen in classic bold font, where all the letters are lowercase, except for the first.

For the name was chosen dark blue, indicating the prospects and development of the company and its desire to satisfy the target audience. The logo consists of many colors and shades, conditionally divided into 25 squares. Thanks to this range of colors, the company demonstrates to customers the variety of products and goods.

Altria Symbol

Altria color codes

Medium Electric BlueHex color:#355778
RGB:53 87 120
CMYK:56 27 0 53
Pantone:PMS 7700 C
Dark CeruleanHex color:#004c7d
RGB:0 76 125
CMYK:100 39 0 51
Pantone:PMS 7462 C
Green BlueHex color:#0082c2
RGB:0 130 194
CMYK:100 33 0 24
Pantone:PMS 7461 C
Blizzard BlueHex color:#66c2ee
RGB:102 194 238
CMYK:57 18 0 7
Pantone:PMS 306 C
Maximum Blue GreenHex color:#00b3c2
RGB:0 179 194
CMYK:100 8 0 24
Pantone:PMS 7461 C
Medium TurquoiseHex color:#75cccc
RGB:117 204 204
CMYK:43 0 0 20
Pantone:PMS 3252 C
Pigment GreenHex color:#00a84c
RGB:0 168 76
CMYK:100 0 55 34
Pantone:PMS 354 C
Kelly GreenHex color:#73bf42
RGB:115 191 66
CMYK:40 0 65 25
Pantone:PMS 361 C
Bitter LemonHex color:#c2d72e
RGB:194 215 46
CMYK:10 0 79 16
Pantone:PMS 382 C
CarmineHex color:#8c1719
RGB:140 23 25
CMYK:0 84 82 45
Pantone:PMS 7621 C
Safety RedHex color:#c2262b
RGB:194 38 43
CMYK:0 80 78 24
Pantone:PMS 485 C
Pigment RedHex color:#eb1c23
RGB:235 28 35
CMYK:0 88 85 8
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Dark SalmonHex color:#de9c87
RGB:222 156 135
CMYK:0 30 39 13
Pantone:PMS 486 C
Safety OrangeHex color:#f57f1e
RGB:245 127 30
CMYK:0 48 88 4
Pantone:PMS 151 C
Bright YellowHex color:#faa619
RGB:250 166 25
CMYK:0 34 90 2
Pantone:PMS 137 C
Earth YellowHex color:#d7a86e
RGB:215 168 110
CMYK:0 22 49 16
Pantone:PMS 721 C
Pale GoldHex color:#e1c297
RGB:225 194 151
CMYK:0 14 33 12
Pantone:PMS 720 C
PearlHex color:#eee1c5
RGB:238 225 197
CMYK:0 5 17 7
Pantone:PMS 7506 C