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“Give a smile to someone who needs it,” says the Amazon Smile logo. The emblem calls to be benevolent and caring towards those who find themselves in a difficult situation. The sign shows that it is possible to shop and help others simultaneously.

Amazon Smile: Brand overview

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Amazon Smile is a charity program launched by Amazon. It allows you to deduct 0.5 percent of the cost of purchases to various organizations associated with the support of the population or certain segments of society that find themselves in difficult situations. It is activated (at the request of visitors to the online store) at the time of purchase of goods by clicking on the proposed links. Usually, the sponsors are chosen by the customer himself, according to the preliminary agreement. The money is debited not from the buyers’ wallets but the accounts of charitable firms.

Meaning and History

Amazon Smile Logo History

Amazon has repeatedly collected donations, creating separate channels for this, activated from time to time based on the needs of people affected by various disasters. For example, she raised money for the aftermath of Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina for recovery and support for the 2004 tsunami and earthquake victims in the Indian Ocean. A lot of actions were organized for Red Cross.

Now there is a special Amazon Smile channel for this. It is available on the platform of the same name for PC browsers, for devices with Android and iOS operating systems – in the Amazon Shopping application. The main secret of his work is that it is not the users of the online store that donate to charity, but the business companies with which such an agreement has been reached. But clients indicate the object for donations personally: a huge list of organizations is available for selection. The charity resource is well recognized by its special emblem, similar to the parent company logo.

What is Amazon Smile?

Amazon Smile is a charity service from a company of the same name and a site that allows you to donate 0.5% of the total amount of purchases. The cost of goods is similar to their price in the main online store.

Having appeared in 2013, the Internet project immediately received its channel and a personal sign. It’s all about urgency. Long reflections, in this case, would lead to a delay in the work of charity events, in which there is an urgent need from time to time. That is why the designers created a logo that echoes the elements of the main company. In addition, it instantly creates a visual link to the base site and does not allow you to get confused or send money to another office.

Amazon Smile Symbol

Is the Amazon logo a smile?

Yes, there is indeed a signature orange smile on the logo. The curved line connects the letters A and z, reflecting the idea that a wide range of products can be purchased on the site – everything from a to z. The author of the sign is the studio Enter Turner Duckworth.

The emblem consists of three parts: a graphic element, a general name for the service, and individual charitable service. The word “Amazon” refers to the unity of the parent company and its services. It is executed in streamlined lowercase characters: all lines are smooth, rounded even in the intra-letter space. The exception is “z,” which has natural angles, but they are not sharp either. The “Smile” inscription is attached to the first part of the name but does not merge with it. It is highlighted in color and font style. In this version, the letters are thin, straight, with a wider arrangement. As in the first case, they have no serifs.

The most recognizable graphic symbol of the Amazon trademark is the grinning arrow. It is located under the first bold word. The line is shaped like an inverted arch, starting under the letter “a” and ending at “z.” The ends of the arcuate strip are narrow; the middle is wide. This is done on purpose to emphasize the geometry of the smile. An arrow is depicted on the right side, which rests on the lower part “z” and slightly bends it.

Amazon Smile: Interesting Facts

Amazon Smile is a program by Amazon that lets customers donate to their chosen charities without any extra cost when they shop. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. How It Works: When you shop through Amazon Smile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to a charity you choose. It’s an easy way to support good causes while shopping.
  2. Started in 2013: This initiative reflects Amazon’s commitment to supporting charitable causes by making it simple for customers to join in.
  3. Cost-Free Support: Customers can back their preferred charities without spending extra. Amazon makes donations at no additional cost to shoppers.
  4. Many Charities: Amazon Smile offers a vast selection of over one million charities, from local schools to international NGOs, ensuring there’s a cause for everyone to support.
  5. Same Shopping Experience: Shopping on Amazon Smile is just like shopping on the main Amazon site but with the bonus of aiding a charity with every purchase.
  6. Eligible Items: Most items sold by Amazon qualify for a donation, but some, like subscription renewals and digital products, do not.
  7. Worldwide Participation: The program is available in several countries, enabling customers worldwide to support local and global charities.
  8. Mobile Access: Initially web-only, Amazon Smile has been added to Amazon’s mobile app for convenient on-the-go donations.
  9. Donation Tracking: Amazon shares info on the donations your purchases have generated. Charities can see their donations, but total donations to each charity aren’t shared publicly.
  10. Mixed Reactions: While Amazon Smile is praised for its philanthropic aim, some criticize its small donation percentage, arguing that it benefits Amazon more than charities. Still, many organizations gain from it and recommend using Amazon Smile for shopping.

Amazon Smile merges online shopping with charity, showcasing how companies can weave charitable giving into their business practices.

Font and Colors

Amazon Smile Emblem

How do I get the Amazon smile icon?

To activate this icon on your smartphone, you first need to go to the site, open the Amazon Shopping program. Then go to the settings, find the Turn on AmazonSmile line and click on it. In the end, write down the renewal time (badge validity period).

Why is Amazon’s logo a smile?

The smiling Amazon logo is the desire of the marketplace management to show that everything can be purchased from them. Therefore, the line in the form of a smile demonstrates the breadth of the assortment from the first to the last letter of the alphabet and expresses joy about it.

What is the Amazon smile badge?

The Amazon Smile icon contains the two-color text. On the left is the black word “amazon,” which looks exactly like the logo of the company of the same name because an arrow is drawn from “a” to “z.” And on the right is the orange “smile” inscription.

The logo uses two types of sans serif typefaces. The first is the most recognizable because it is used for all products in the Amazon family. This is Officina Sans Bold, introduced in 1990 by designers Erik Spiekermann and Ole Schäfer for ITC. OpenType first published it. The second inscription is made in thin lowercase letters and resembles Stat Display Pro Regular Negative with minimal modifications.

The corporate palette is standard and consists of a combination of black (left side of the name), white (background), and pale orange (right side of the text, smile with an arrow).

Amazon Smile color codes

Orange PeelHex color:#ff9900
RGB:255 153 0
CMYK:0 40 100 0
Pantone:PMS 151 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#221f1f
RGB:34 31 31
CMYK:0 9 9 87
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C