AMG Logo


Road and speed is the main motto of the AMG logo. The emblem promises racing and competition in cool cars created by the company. There is a hint of engine oil in the symbols, quality parts, and a solid build that will make the car stand up to any road.

AMG: Brand overview

Founded: 1967
Founder: Hans Werner Aufrecht, Erhard Melcher
Affalterbach, Germany
AMG is a subsidiary of Mercedes. It specializes in the production of sports cars and engines, although it was originally a technical studio dedicated to improving cars’ characteristics. The year of its appearance is 1967. Location – Affalterbach (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). The founders are Hans-Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher.

Meaning and History

AMG Logo History

At first, it was an independent structure – an engineering firm that improved Mercedes-Benz cars’ performance. Then the controlling stake passed to the concern Daimler-Benz AG (he received it in 1999). Mercedes-AMG is now part of Daimler AG. Its symbols are adorned with aggressive sports models manufactured at the factory of the automobile tuning giant. Laconic signs emphasize not only the traditional elegance but also the unmatched power of sports cars.

And “AMG” is not just an abbreviation. It is an abbreviation of the names of the founders of the brand and indicates cars’ debut appearance. “A” stands for Aufrecht, “M” for Melcher, “G” for Grossashpach. This combination is taken as the basis for the logo. It usually stands on the body of the car along with the Mercedes logo or spare parts.

What is AMG?

AMG is a division of Mercedes-Benz. Its full name is Mercedes-AMG GmbH. It deals with the modification of cars to improve their performance. It was originally an independent company founded in 1967 and named after the words Aufrecht, Melcher, and Großaspach.

The AMG’s visual identity is conveyed by three letters and five slanted lines. As noted, the abbreviation stands for the brand name, and the lines represent the crankshaft or valve spring. The stripes have different widths: the thickest is on the left, and the narrowest on the right. This gives the logo a dynamic and emphasizes the technical focus of the brand. The letters are wide, large, free-spacing and sans-serif.

AMG Symbol

In addition to the old version of the emblem, there is one more – a new one. It has the shape of a round stamp and resembles traditional Germanic iconography in design. The internal structure is complex since a smaller circle in the center is divided into two halves by an even strip.

An apple tree and a stream are depicted on the left side. They epitomize Affalterbach, where the automotive company’s base facilities are located. The fact is that the name of the area is translated like this: “apple tree” (affalter), “stream” (bach). This became the reason that the designers chose these images as the main elements. This is how AMG pays homage to its hometown.

On the right side are the components for the car engine: cam, valve, and springs. They are used because of the authenticity because improved motors are a key segment of AMG, on which it is fully focused. Each engine is the result of the manual labor of one engineer. That is, this is piece work. Thus, the spare parts symbolize the employees’ unsurpassed skill and the highest quality of the products. Therefore, motors assembled by hand are marked with a special round stamp – the manufacturer’s signature.

The central disc is surrounded by a black stripe labeled “Affalterbach” (top), two laurel branches (on both sides), and the abbreviation “AMG” (bottom). The city’s name was used for the second time (in the form of text) since it is of great importance for the enterprise: the plant’s main capacities are concentrated there, and the headquarters are located there (since 1976).

Font and Colors

AMG Emblem

For the logo, the developers chose a typeface from the Sans Serif category – smooth, more reminiscent of geometric shapes than written signs. Moreover, the text was used in two places: on the general logo, consisting of an abbreviation, and on the logo in the form of an individual round stamp. In the first case, the signs are wide; in the second, they are narrow. The only thing that unites them is the upper case.

The emblem’s corporate palette is silvery, as close as possible to the metallic color with light reflections. This is how it looks on the car body. On other media, the logo is monochrome and consists of a combination of black and white. The round icon comes in two versions, depending on the place of use. The colored logo uses blue (water), green (wood, crown), red (apples), gray (lettering, laurel wreaths, valve, spring, background), and black (engine cam).

AMG color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What does the Mercedes AMG logo mean?

The Mercedes AMG logo contains the brand name written next to five diagonal lines of varying widths. The stripes may be an abstract representation of a valve spring. They also denote high speed and energy, like speed lines.

How do I change my Mercedes logo to AMG?

For the AMG logo to appear on the launch screen instead of the Mercedes symbol, you need to: • turn the key in the ignition switch to 1 or 2; • enable Command and Radio; • 1-second press 5; • 1-second press 3 and 5 (simultaneously); • press and hold seven together with 3 and 5 for 3 seconds; • select “AMG211_ECE” in the menu that appears; • turn off the machine and wait a few minutes before starting.

What does the AMG crest mean?

The parts on the right side represent the spring, Valve, and cam. They testify that AMG is engaged not only in the production of cars but also in the manufacture of engines. The apple tree on the riverbank, depicted on the left side of the emblem, symbolizes the community of Affalterbach, where the company is based.