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Anthrax Logo

Anthrax LogoAnthrax is a cult rock band from New York. It was founded in 1981 by two musicians: bassist Dan Lilker and rhythm guitarist Scott Ian. They were playing speed metal, thrash metal, and groove metal.

Meaning and History

Anthrax Logo History
Anthrax Logo Evolution

The groupโ€™s logo shows its name. Scott Ian suggested using the word โ€œAnthraxโ€ in this role. He saw him in a biology textbook and decided that it looked pretty intimidating. Lead guitarist Daniel Alan Spitz was responsible for the graphic design of the emblem. Drummer Charlie Benante did the cover design.

The first studio album, Fistful of Metal (1984), was adorned with an original pink Anthrax label. The geometry of the letters was initially violated: their edges went beyond the imaginary line. At the same time, the printed characters were so close that the horizontal bar โ€œTโ€ literally lay on โ€œNโ€ and โ€œH.โ€ And on top of them was a long line that stretched from the top of the โ€œR.โ€

Anthrax Emblem

In 1993, an album with an updated logo Anthrax appeared. The changes affected only two letters. First, the line that stretched from โ€œRโ€ to โ€œNโ€ disappeared. Secondly, the long โ€œXโ€ stroke became short.

The old version of the graphic sign returned to the covers of the music group in 2011. Moreover, for the collection Worship Music, an unusual version was used with a yellow-orange gradient and black shadows that gave the word a three-dimensional effect.