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Apacer: Brand overview

Founded in 1997 in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, Apacer initially began its journey as a supplier of DRAM modules. Two years later, in 1999, the company diversified its offerings to include flash memory cards and USB storage devices.

In 2002, Apacer established its own firmware R&D division in an effort to transform itself from a mere supplier to a creator of digital storage solutions. In the same year, the company cemented a significant partnership with Sony, which included a joint effort to produce memory cards.

Apacer’s portfolio now includes a wide range of storage solutions, from SSDs and memory modules to USB drives and memory cards. These products are used in a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, enterprise technology infrastructure, and specialized industrial applications.

With operating bases and manufacturing plants located in various countries around the world, such as Taiwan, China, the United States, and Europe, Apacer has gained a global scale. The company has identified SSDs, DRAM modules, USB flash drives, and memory cards as its major product categories.

Apacer’s hallmark is its investment in research and development, which enables it to emphasize innovative and customized solutions. Through innovation and customization, Apacer aims to meet the diverse storage needs of various industries and continue to grow as a key player in the digital storage arena.

Meaning and History

Apacer Logo History

1997 – today

Apacer Logo

The business character of this high-tech company is conveyed through its minimalist logo, which has nothing superfluous – just the name. The text is in bold and lowercase letters, except for the first letter, which is larger than all the others. The lines have an uneven thickness: they become thinner at the joints. The serifs look like large dots – this is clearly visible on the letters “a,” “c,” and “r.” Other symbols have more classical serifs, such as “A” and “p”. The emblem is colored green with an olive tint.

The olive green color gives the logo a natural feel and a certain coolness. The different thicknesses of the lines give the logo a playful touch as if it is winking. The big dots on the letters “a,” “c,” and “r” look like little surprises that make you look twice. It gives the impression that the company is serious but fun at the same time. The big first letter is like a greeting that makes you want to know more about what they do.

Apacer Logo Color Codes:

  • Fern Green: Hex: #38773C; RGB: 56, 119, 60; CMYK: 53, 0, 50, 53; Pantone: PMS 356 C