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The Apple TV logo is an example of active advertising. The emblem inspires confidence due to the well-known mark of Apple. The image attracts all owners of the company’s gadgets to the application. A hint at the TV screen leaves no doubt about the program’s purpose.

Apple TV: Brand overview

Founded:January 9, 2007
Founder:Apple Inc.
United States
Apple TV is an application for media players of the same name, which Apple Inc exclusively develops. The software allows you to watch movies and shows online. Streaming content from Apple TV Channels and the iTunes Store digital catalog is possible. Also available is a subscription to Apple TV +, a new streaming service launched in 2019.

Meaning and History

Apple TV Logo History

The first generation of Apple TV multimedia players was announced in 2006. The developers planned to name the iTV brand by analogy with the iPod, iMac, and other company products. But this name was already carried by the television network ITV, so it was taken in the UK. The manufacturer renamed the media players not to waste time on litigation, so they went on sale under a new name.

And in 2016, the Apple TV app appeared in the United States, designed for devices with tvOS and iOS operating systems. It replaced the old Videos program. In 2019, a version for the macOS platform was created – an alternative to iTunes.

Around the same time, the Apple TV + service was launched. It was originally planned as a place where Apple would upload its original TV series and movies. Over time, executives realized that this was not enough and purchased their old content from popular film studios to grab users’ attention.

Apple TV + and Apple TV are subsidiaries of the same technology corporation. They have similar logos, which speaks of the relationship between multimedia players and the same name’s streaming service.

What is Apple TV?

This is the name of Apple’s multimedia players, the application created for them, and the streaming service, where popular films and TV series are collected. But it is worth noting that the latter’s name has an additional sign: Apple TV +.

2007 – 2014

Apple TV Logo 2007-2014

In 2007, the first model of Apple TV media players hit the shelves. On their bodies was a black bitten apple (the traditional symbol of the manufacturer), next to the lowercase letters “tv” in bold. The “t” was missing the upper left corner.

2014 – 2016

Apple TV Logo 2014-2016

In 2014, the designers changed the font, making the strokes of the characters twice thinner. To fill the vacated space, they lengthened the right side of the horizontal “t” line.

2016 – today

Apple TV Logo 2016-present

The new Apple TV symbol came a year after the launch of the fourth-generation media players. It is similar to the 2007 version; only the upper end of the letter “t” is even, without cuts.

2019 – today

Apple TV Logo 2019-present

The Apple TV + service icon, which debuted in 2019, broadly resembles the current Apple TV logo. It differs only in the plus (+) after the inscription.

Font and Colors

Apple TV Emblem

The identity of both brands is based on the corporate identity of Apple Inc. It is based on the image of an apple falling on the head of the physicist Isaac Newton. This is a symbol of insight, a sudden ingenious idea. On the other hand, the apple is related to Adam and Eve. In the context of biblical history, it means the comprehension of something new. Medieval alchemists also considered this fruit to be the embodiment of knowledge because its core in the cut reminded them of a mystical five-pointed star.

Both the streaming service and media players inherited this emblem from the parent company. All other Apple-branded products use the same mark.

The word “tv” to the right of the apple is in bold San Francisco Compact. Designed specifically for the Apple Watch, this typeface is designed with clean lines and symmetry. The spacing between letters is wide enough. There are no serifs, and all strokes are approximately the same thickness. In the case of Apple TV +, the label is appended with a “+” symbol.

Apple TV Symbol

The color scheme of all logos is minimalistic. The designers opted for a monochrome design, depicting black elements on a white background.

Apple TV color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

Where is the symbol in Apple TV?

The Apple TV symbol is depicted directly on the body of the set-top box – in the very center on the front side. It is highlighted in shiny black.

What is the Apple TV icon?

The main graphic sign of Apple TV is the image of a bitten apple. All brands owned by Apple uses this visual identity.