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The smooth blue of the emblem is pure and wholesome water bottled and sealed for customers. The Aquafina logo discusses the need to drink plenty of fluids to feel good.

Aquafina: Brand overview

United States

Aquafina is bottled flavored and non-flavored water of special safe purification, produced by the world’s second-largest beverage and food company in the world, the American company PepsiCo (the result of the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay corporations). Aquafin products are aimed at middle-income people who care about their health.

The brand has a 27-year history. Originally launched in Kansas, it quickly took a leading position in the US market (13.4%) and is now actively sold in more than 15 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Today there are four types of drinks under the sign of this brand:

  • Ordinary clean water in bottles and cans.
  • Non-carbonated drinks with grape, raspberry, and wild berry flavors.

The brand is licensed to several skincare products with enhanced moisturizing properties is a sponsor of auto racing and sports teams in football, golf, baseball, and basketball. Now the headquarters is located in New York. General Director of the direction Ramon Laguarta. Sales revenue is about $2.5 billion a year.

Meaning and History

Aquafina Logo History

Aquafina water is made from tap water by triple purification: ultraviolet, ozone, and forcing through a special membrane. This makes it possible to achieve a high degree of chemical and biological purity, up to the removal of prions, without the use of harmful chemical compounds. The company mentions removing the contaminants from the bottles that other manufacturers leave behind. This idea of ​​cleanliness and safety is reflected in the brand logo.

1994 – 2004

Aquafina Logo 1994

The brand name is written with two capital letters A at the beginning and at the end of the word on the emblem. They look like mountain peaks and show that water is the fundamental ingredient of life. It is used from morning to evening, from birth to death. There is a registered trademark icon at the end of the word. The unusual stroke of the letter Q also reminds of water. It is made in the form of a wave coming out of O, like from the neck of a bottle.

Above the word between the letters, A is the silhouette of snow-capped mountain peaks and the rising sun—a hint of the coolness and crystal clearness of Aquafina. The brand survives its dawn and rises to heights. It will gradually rise above all competitors. The pale yellow color of the sun is a symbol of this hope and a profitable future.

Water is positioned as healthy, convenient, and free from any germs. Therefore, an inscription on the emblem below the name, “guaranteed purity.” The phrase conveys the main features of the new brand and is located under the underlining line as the main and final conclusion.

2004 – 2016

Aquafina Logo 2004

In 2003, the water became the best-selling water in the United States. By the tenth anniversary of the logo, it was decided to update and show the development direction for the next years. The image reflected new energy, vigorous activity, and the struggle for a healthy lifestyle. New fruit varieties have been shown to emerge.

An arcuate spelling of the word Aquafina is added to the emblem with two underlining features in red-orange and blue to create the necessary impression. The sun also changes from pale to orange-red. Such changes demonstrated the rapid and active promotion, vigorous take-off, and flourishing of the brand. The background of the logo changes to white, as the emphasis is on deepwater purification and environmental protection during this period. The brand name itself becomes blue. The mountain peaks have also been rimmed with blue, indicating clear, cold mountain streams.

Logo changes have become prophetic. After 2004, Aquafina is experiencing its greatest flowering. Active attempts are being made to expand the range and win the love of customers, which leads to increased sales.

Aquafina FlavorSplash was launched in 2005, flavored water that contains no calories or carbohydrates. It was produced with grape, kiwi-strawberry, raspberry, lemon, peach-mango, and wild berry flavors. A little later, Aquafina Sparkling appears – a carbonated version of these drinks. In 2007, the company launched Aquafina Alive, a drink with vitamins. It also had various flavors (orange, mango, pomegranate, lemon). At the same time, they continued to “play” with the composition until 2009. Selectively added caffeine, antioxidants, dietary fiber, electrolytes. The fortified drink Aquafina plus + was also presented.

In 2009, as part of PepsiCo’s fight to reduce harm to the environment, the size of Aquafin bottles changed to reduce plastic production. To attract the attention of sports fans, the brand becomes a sports sponsor for several teams and Major League Baseball. Cosmetic products also began to be developed.

2016 – 2019

Aquafina Logo 2016

By 2016, Aquafina seemed to “crystallize.” The main direction of brand development was determined. It became smooth and stable without sudden changes. All additional products were removed from production, leaving only pure and healthy plain and flavored water.

The trend has also affected the logo. Excessive brightness was removed from it, leaving only the key elements. At the same time, the main style was preserved.

The style of the name has become more refined with smooth rounding of the letters and less curvature of the word itself. The mountain peaks were reduced to two with one pronounced peak (a hint of two types of products, one of which is in the lead). The peaks have acquired a white color, which creates a feeling of cleanliness crisp cold snow. The red sun peeks out from behind the peaks. It is an indicator of a stable position and sufficient energy for the further life of the brand’s main products, but without a sharp development.

2019 – today

Aquafina Logo

The new logo has a minimalistic style. Many companies produce purified bottled water. Aquafina no longer surpasses them in purity. Therefore, the visual sign of the mountain peaks was removed. Only the name itself, which is well recognizable by buyers, remains. It is made in a more massive sans-serif font. But still with a slight twist of the word itself. All letters of the outline became uppercase. After all, the brand already has a significant history and is a leader in its industry.

Font and Colors

Aquafina Emblem

The main colors of the brand are blue and white. They are associated with water and coolness. White elements are a symbol of purity. This gamma perfectly reflects purified cool water.

Aquafina Symbol

Logo fonts have changed. The most elegant was Ciudadela, used in the emblem of 2016-2019. The serif variant shown on the first emblem is reminiscent of Georgia. The modern version of the style used Proxima Nova, but with an unusual spelling of the letter Q.

Aquafina color codes

Absolute ZeroHex color:#0047b9
RGB:0 71 185
CMYK:100 62 0 27
Pantone:PMS 2728 C