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Durability and reliability are the messages of the Ardex logo because it represents a company for which these qualities are very important. It deals with construction, offering its customers quality materials that can withstand any conditions of use. This is what the solid, monolithic, and massive logo conveys to consumers.

Ardex: Brand overview

Founder:Mark Eslamlooy
Witten, Germany
Ardex is a German company that manufactures special building materials for laying floors, erecting buildings, and constructing concrete structures. She represents a family business run by Mark Eslamlooy. The group has achieved a leading position in the international market, includes 18 successful brands, and employs 3,300 people. The company is known in more than a hundred countries worldwide, as it owns 55 subsidiaries and 44 industrial sites. The time of the appearance of the brand is 1949. The location of headquarters is the city of Witten (Germany).

Meaning and History

Ardex Symbol

Modern production began in the middle of the 20th century – in 1949 when the Norwag-Werke GmbH Chemische Fabrik mini-factory appeared. He specialized in the manufacture of wax, window putty, and oils for the metalworking industry. The company has occupied a niche in various liquid compositions, adhesives, and other construction and chemical products. A couple of years later, it took the name Ardex Chemie GmbH and enriched its range to include grouts, screeds, and more.

Over the years of its existence, the company has continuously developed and expanded, turning into a huge group with 18 brands. Interestingly, there are several innovations in the brand’s professional portfolio. Each stage of Ardex activity is connected with improving the construction process. The firm logo, which looks like a monolithic product, testifies to the strength of structures made using its compositions.

What is Ardex?

Ardex is a construction and manufacturing company from Germany headquartered in Witten. Its specialization is mixtures for laying floors, sealants, screeds, grouts, cement, and much more, designed for the construction and improvement of buildings. It is a family business with 18 sub-brands and is run by Mark Eslamlooy. The company was founded in 1949.

Even though the Ardex visual identity sign appeared a long time ago, it is still relevant today. The logo is made in a monochrome palette, which speaks of the company’s serious approach, high professionalism, and confidence in the quality of goods. That is, she tries to attract the attention of buyers not with the colorful and unusual design of the emblem but with the quality and reliability of the products.

At the same time, Ardex has a futuristic logo. It consists of two parts joined together. The basis is a semicircular frame shaped like a massive cobblestone. Its upper part is arched, and the lower part is made in the form of a flat horizontal strip. The lines are wide, the same thickness along the entire perimeter.

Inside there is a white background on which the name of the construction and production site is located. It is typed in upper case. The letters have smooth curves and, at the same time, are complemented by sharp corners. This combination shows the company’s flexibility in terms of assortment and its firm intentions to move forward.

The inscription is made so that the central characters are larger than the side ones. Moreover, the extreme signs are much reduced so that the word “Ardex” fits completely into the space allotted to it. At “A,” the extreme leg is curved; at “X,” it is cut off almost half. The contrast inner outline makes the text look like a graphic element. This emblem is used for all sub-brands of the group: it is complemented by their name.

Font and Colors

Ardex Emblem

Ardex chose an extraordinary font with no direct analogs for its logo. It is a designer stylization of a bold capitalized grotesque. The corporate palette reflects the serious mood of the enterprise; therefore, it consists of only two colors. The base black is used for the lettering, and the white is used as the background.

Ardex color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C