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Brand cars fly forward like birds. They look to the future and strive for superiority, development, and victory. This love of speed is reflected in the Arrinera logo. All auto systems work smoothly, which is reflected in the smooth and balanced lines of the emblem.

Arrinera: Brand overview

Founded:September 1, 2008
Founder:Łukasz Tomkiewicz
Warsaw, Poland
Arrinera Automotive SA is a Polish car manufacturer that specializes in the manufacture of racing cars. It appeared in 2008 and was founded by the Tomkiewicz brothers – Lukasz and Marek. Its head office is located in Warsaw.

Meaning and History

Arrinera Logo History

Three years after its opening, the manufacturing plant has announced the production of its debut concept car – with rear-wheel drive and a mid-engine arrangement. The second sample was presented in 2012 and was first named Venocara, but then it was renamed Hussarya.

The young company developed the racing version of its car by the profile requirements – based on the FIA ​​GT3. The debut display of the Hussarya GT sports car took place in the British city of Birmingham at the Autosport International exhibition, which took place in early 2016. And in the summer, this car already showed off in the supercar class at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, allowing Arrinera to become the first Polish brand to participate in the event of this level.

Arrinera Symbol

But then the company suffered a series of setbacks. In 2017, the Hussarya GT entered the DMV GT and Touring Car Cup in Hockenheim. In the first race, the car arrived at the finish line 22nd out of 24 participants. In the second race, the car went off the track due to a breakdown in the generator. In the fall of the same year, the car’s engine exploded when it passed the qualifying race driven by driver Jonny MacGregor. This happened at the Britcar Championship, during the Donington round.

As a result, the Polish logo was not well known in professional circles and among fans. Although before this sad incident, the company twice approved its logo: the first – at the time of the brand’s launch, the second – before the show of the concept car at Autosport International.

What is Arrinera?

Arrinera Automotive S.A. is the creator of the first Polish supercar. The company was founded in 2008 and, after a few years, presented the Arrinera Hussarya model. The car was designed using modern technologies to improve its speed and handling. In 2017, Hussarya was supposed to participate in races, but its engine exploded. Four years later, it was announced that the car’s production had been suspended.

2008 – 2016

Arrinera Logo 2008-2016

The opening personal badge consisted of two mirrored “A” – actually the first and last letters from the word ARRINERA. It is also stated that these are two “R” s, deployed “back” to each other. In any case, one symbol was colored red, the other – gray. In the background, they served as a signal flag, which is usually used in racing. It contains squares of the same size, which alternate in color – black, white.

The letters did not have one leg drawn. A third of the central crossbar was missing, so they were associated with two symbols at once – “R” and “A.” Below them was a winged sign resembling a flying bird or a wide-spread “V.” Sharp strokes on the right and left visually added a wing-flap resemblance. The red shape at the bottom looked like a heart with elongated edges or like two tongues of flame. It was paved with tiny pink dots. In general, the logo was a shield with a wide edging along the edge. However, he was three-dimensional.

2016 – today

Arrinera Logo 2016-present

The Arrinera logo looks different now than it did before. The designers removed the shield and letters, concentrating on the image of a flying bird. They completely reworked the sign, giving it the shape of a diving silhouette: the wings are raised, and the head with its beak is lowered down. Each wing consists of seven thin stripes of different lengths with thickening at the ends. Outwardly, such an element is very similar to a metal pen used for writing and graphics. On the right side is the brand name in a custom font. The letters are in uppercase and streamlined. A small serif-like protrusion is visible at the top of each symbol.

Arrinera: Interesting Facts

Arrinera, a supercar maker from Poland, is working hard to leave its mark on the world of high-performance cars by combining innovation, luxury, and speed.

  1. Origin: Arrinera is from Poland and aims to create luxury sports cars that perform well. It’s not common for Poland to make supercars, which shows the country’s growing skills in the car industry.
  2. Flagship Model – Arrinera Hussarya: Named after Poland’s 17th-century fast and effective Hussar cavalry, the Hussarya reflects speed, agility, and the country’s history.
  3. First Appearance: The Hussarya first showed up in 2011 as a prototype developed by teams from the UK and Poland to ensure it looks great and performs even better.
  4. What Makes It Fast: Its V8 engine makes it powerful in the middle of the car. Its design uses carbon fiber and Kevlar to make it light and fast, with a strong focus on aerodynamics.
  5. Design Inspired by Jets: Hussarya’s design is inspired by jet fighters, featuring movable rear wings for better stability and speed.
  6. Safety: Arrinera didn’t forget about safety; the car has a sturdy chassis, a roll cage, and other features to keep drivers safe, much like racing cars.
  7. Exclusivity: They plan to make only a few Hussaryas to keep it exclusive and desirable, just like other supercar brands do.
  8. Track Version: There’s also a version designed specifically for racing, with better performance and racing modifications.
  9. Worldwide Goals: Arrinera isn’t just focusing on Poland; it wants to compete globally, aiming for markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, hoping to stand alongside well-known supercar makers.

Arrinera represents Poland’s entry into the high-end car industry, showcasing its capability to produce fast, safe cars and carrying a piece of Polish history with the Hussarya.

Font and Colors

Arrinera Emblem

The central image of the Arrinera logos is a flying bird. This is determined by the flap of the wings and their configuration. Initially, the identity did not contain an inscription. It appeared later when the debut concept car was presented. The brand name consists of two words: “arintzea” (streamlined) and “vero” (true, genuine).

For the inscription, the developers chose an individual typeface with square symbols and top serifs. According to the concept encoded in the company name, all letters are streamlined to emphasize the high aerodynamic characteristics of the car.

The color palette is discreet and consists of red, black, white, and dark graphite # E31B22.

Arrinera color codes

Dim GrayHex color:#6a6a6b
RGB:106 106 107
CMYK:1 1 0 58
Pantone:PMS 424 C