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Ascari: Brand overview

In the mid-1990s, Ascari carved a niche for itself in the production of high-performance sports cars. Founded in 1995 by Dutch businessman Klaas Zwart, a former employee of Petroline’s oil and gas division, Ascari was based in Banbury, England. The company’s goal was to produce high-end sports cars designed for the elite segment of the market.

The company took its name from the legendary Italian racing driver Alberto Ascari, a former Ferrari driver who was prominent in the 1940s and 1950s. Ascari’s first model, the Ascari Ecosse, embodied the spirit of a racing car suitable for ordinary roads. It was powered by a BMW V8 engine and cost over £200,000.

By 2003, Ascari launched the KZ1, a powerful car powered by a custom-built V8 engine developing 500 hp. Despite its impressive performance, only 50 KZ1 models were produced. Ascari’s production facility was located in Banbury, where the cars were assembled from components supplied by leading suppliers such as BMW and Bosch.

However, in 2010, Ascari ran into financial difficulties and was forced into liquidation. In the 15 years of the company’s existence, only a few sports cars were produced. Despite high prices, the limited production volume was not enough to keep the company afloat in the long run.

Nevertheless, Ascari’s existence left its mark on the world of British supercars. The company catered to the elite by offering exclusive high-end cars and left behind a legacy even after it ceased operations.

Meaning and History

Ascari Logo History

1995 – today

Ascari Logo

The logo of the British automobile company is a name written in lowercase letters with small serif-like extensions. These letters are neat, small, and elegant. Above the word “Ascari” are two wide stripes with curved pointed ends. The curves at the top and bottom points in opposite directions give the stripes a light and graceful feel. The first stripe is light gray, and the second is red. Together, they create a harmonious pair that gives the emblem a professional and serious look.

The emblem looks elegant but, at the same time, very calm. The red and gray stripes above the name look like two arrows going in opposite directions as if they are stretching but staying in place. The font is simple, but the small details give it a classy, uncluttered look. The combination of all these elements makes the logo attractive but, at the same time, gives it a calm, “we can handle it” look.